Three for the OSR Superstar Competition

These are for Erik Tenkar's OSR Superstar Competition.

The following text is declared Open Game Content:

Wig of Wigging
Woven from the shorn hair of plague victims blessed before their deaths, this is an intricately sculpted, styled, and powdered headpiece that once belonged to a cleric of high renown.

The Wig of Wigging offers the discerning cleric a stylish and unusual break from the ordinary shaved pate or ragged mullet hair styles commonly favored by the priestly classes.

A cleric wearing the wig becomes deliriously excited and begins to rebuke fellow party members for any and all perceived slights and sins, past and present. The PC also suffers a –3 to any WIS checks.

If the PC wears the wig into combat, it acts as +1 Helm and provides the benefits of a berserker rage. The PC is granted an extra melee attack and a +3 on attack rolls on all melee attacks—as long as the cleric verbally rebukes his opponents while fighting.

The wig must be washed in Holy Water and re-powdered with Ashes of the Martyrs at least once a fortnight to maintain its bonus-granting qualities (this requires a sacred ritual to allow the Ashes of the Martyrs to retain their properties beyond their normal term). Left to stink and molder with flop sweat and combat stench, it will quickly retrograde and cause the wearer to suffer a –3 penalty on attack rolls until the wig either falls apart or is restored by a cleric of at least 10th level who has been trained in hairpiece maintenance (at last count there were only 2 in all the realms).

Don't let your Wig of Wigging begin to rot!
 (image via Mathilda's Anthropology Blog)

Only three or four Wigs of Wigging are known to exist, although it is rumored collapsed storage rooms in several abandoned and desecrated churches may house Wigs of Wigging in alternate styles.

This item may only be used by Lawful clerics in good standing with their god(s). Anyone else attempting to wear the Wig of Wigging just looks silly.

Suggested XP Value: 755–1,855, depending on condition.

Ashes of the Martyrs
The dust and ashes of martyrs of true belief are esteemed more highly than coin, gems, or other treasure by many churches throughout the realms. Many believers claim these relics hold the power to cure disease, remove paralysis, and even to ward off death itself.

In truth, they do not.

These ashes have an entirely different power.

I have no idea who to credit for this image. Still—ashes!

Those who bathe with Holy Water and powder themselves with Ashes of the Martyrs find that they become Especially Blessed, gaining an additional +3 to attack rolls. This effect lasts for 3 hours and may only be used once per day.

Ashes of the Martyrs are venerated for this ability and are closely guarded lest they fall into unclean hands. Church doctrine teaches that the saints and martyrs are not dead but rest in paradise, close to the bosom of the Divine plane; the ashes are a direct conduit to their unceasing petitions to the Lawful gods. Due to ecumenical decree, no more than a vial or two of the Ashes of the Martyrs is allowed to leave consecrated ground at any one time.

This item may only be used by Lawful clerics in good standing with their god(s). It has no effect on any other characters except elves, who must Save vs. Spells or suffer the effects of a Holy Word spell, as elves have no souls.

Suggested XP Value: 455–755, depending on quantity

Trivel of Power
Some say this unique magic item is a trident, others say it's a shovel. Some say it's a glorified pitchfork. Most have never even seen it.

Roughly the size of a pitchfork and the weight of a flanged mace, the trivel resembles a square-faced shovel with spiky tines protruding from its blade. Because the tines interrupt the shovel's sharp edge, the Trivel of Power is considered a non-bladed weapon. Its handle is a finely turned length of fire-hardened ash, although rumors suggest it is actually crafted from weirwood. Holy symbols are plainly etched on both sides of the trivel's face.

Although simply made and undecorated, the Trivel of Power is largely considered a ceremonial item, carried by high-level clerics or displayed beside altars during initiation rites. It is rarely allowed to leave consecrated ground, and even then can only be wielded by a cleric of at least 3rd level who has had proper training in its use. Use by any cleric below 10th level is exceedingly rare.

Cletus Hokus, 3rd level cleric of the Order of Braced Monks, displays the Trivel of Power
image credit: Dom Reed

If wielded as a combat weapon, the trivel deals 1d8 damage if wielded one handed or 1d8+1 if wielded two-handed. When used against greater undead, the trivel grants a +3 attack bonus, and the wielder is protected against all undead touch attacks, including level drains and paralysis, except those of the lich.

Combat use is highly discouraged, however, as the Trivel of Power is the only tool allowed by the Lawful gods to disinter a holy person's remains for use in creating Ashes of the Martyrs (the specifics of the rite are not known outside the highest offices of the faith).

The trivel allows its wielder to Turn Undead as if an 18th-level cleric. Each time it is used in this manner, the wielder suffers a permanent –5 to HP and –2 to CON. If such a loss results in the wielder's death, resurrection is impossible (even with a Wish) and the cleric is considered a martyr for the faith. The wielder's name is ushered into the rolls of the faithful and his/her bodily remains are eventually used to create Ashes of the Martyrs.

This item may only be wielded by Lawful clerics of 3rd level or higher in excellent standing with their god(s).

Suggested XP Value: > 10,000