Kickstarter Bookface

Rewards from Kickstarters I have known:

Tim Hutchings pulled this collection of juvenilia together from disparate sources, including this blog (see posts tagged "1981 Flashback"). Since I put Tim in contact with some of the contributors, he tossed in a few extras for me (see below), including an extra copy of the book, which I passed off to my friend Zack Zahringer.

Everything is Dolphins. Seriously. Everything. This is a surreal amateur homebrew RPG where, you guessed it, everything is dolphins. I would have sworn this was written by some twee girl, but no, it was written by some dude seriously obsessed with dolphins when he was a kid. While the game strikes me as kinda "meh," the artwork is killer.

Lovecraft Rules, a strange little story game by Tim Hutchings himself, lovingly produced in a small, handcrafted and numbered batch. I received #22 and #23, and I handed off #23 to Zack Z., too.

Issue 1 of Randomocity, a new zine from Stacy Dellorfano. Issue 2 is currently in production.

OH YEAH BABY! This thing is gorgeous. Gorgeous beyond belief. I also received 6 art prints of the Beginner, Expert, & Companion box covers and of the first 3 Dragonlance covers. I don't really care about Dragonlance, but those first three are gonna get framed and hung on the office wall.

Nice little black & white art bonus. Call Elmore cheesy all you want, but his artwork forever colored my imagination when I first got into gaming. Well, I should say that Elmore and Erol Otus stoked my imagination.

I mean, come on. Who didn't cry when Aleena died?

Okay, maybe I was just hypersensitive when I was 12.

Appendix N Adventure Toolkits (DCC RPG Modules)

This thing is so late it makes the gods cry. I ranted about this project back in July 2013. I have not been kind in the comments section of the Kickstarter project page, or in posts on various OSR discussion boards. Suffice to say I finally received a shipment which contained the first module—which was the backer level I was in for—and a few bonus rewards. The Ruins of Ramat is a re-skinning of a previous adventure that had been offered in versions for Labyrinth Lord (including a version for LL's Original Edition Characters supplement), and Castles & Crusades, so it really shouldn't have taken almost EIGHTEEN MONTHS to get out the door. I also received a copy of The Ruins of Ramat written for 3rd level characters, a copy of Appendix N Adventure #2, The Vile Worm, and two one-page add-on adventures, Gifts of the Only and The Green Orb, along with an artwork handout.

Since I received what I originally pledged to get (the first module in print), I'm not holding my breath on receiving the rest of the promised bonus rewards anytime in 2014. Or 2015. Or 2016 for that matter, given Brave Halfling Production's track record on this project and the Delving Deeper Boxed Set fiasco.

I am writing off BHP as a source for future gaming materials. John Adams produced my favorite version of the Swords & Wizardry Whitebox Rules and it is just sad to see the good name and good will he created as a small publisher implode under two very public botched projects. Yes, he had many personal obstacles to overcome during these projects and at least he didn't go AWOL like


Greg Gorgonmilk said…
Exquisitely, painfully jealous right now.

The majority of these are on my personal must-buy-soon list. I am especially fascinated by Habitation of the Stone Giant Lord. Nice haul, Matt.