My Kickstarter Tally

RPG Kickstarters I've backed, plus estimated delivery dates:

1. Mystery Men! A Rules-Lite Comic Book Hero Game - COMPLETED

Number of backers: 14

Total raised: $290

Goal: $210

My pledged amount: $20

  • name listed as Golden Age Patron
  • name inserted as NPC in mini-setting included in book
  • PDF collection of public domain Golden Age comics

Successfully funded: 2010-10-12

Estimated ship date:  N/A

Final product shipped: 2011-05

Number of updates posted: 12

Notes: Kickstarter by John Stater of Land of Nod fame. Raised funds to pay artists. I had to buy the book, so I was actually out $30 total, but it's a great little game and I have no regrets, as it was clear this was to fund a specific production need.

The PDF, by the way, was available on Lulu for free, but has been pulled as Fat Goblin Games will soon be releasing a revised 2nd edition.

2. DugeonMorph Dice - COMPLETED

Number of backers: 379

Total raised: $20,620

Goal: $6,500

My pledged amount: $40

  • Two sets of DungeonMorph Dice, PDF of battlemaps

Successfully funded: 2011-05-11

Estimated ship date: 2011-07

Final product shipped: 2011-12-09

Number of updates posted: 33

Notes: Six months late due to production issues.

3. Random Dungeon Generator as a Dungeon Map - COMPLETED

Number of backers: 1,098

Total raised: $27,789

Goal: $2,000

My pledged amount: $22

  • The poster.
  • A PDF copy of a D&D-compatible board game, Dungeon Robber
  • Access to an interactive, online version of the poster
  • A giant PDF containing a) dungeon adventures by master DMs Mike Mornard, Mike Shea and Tracy Hurley; b) Adventurer Conqueror King (ACKS) rules for the dungeon by Tavis Allison; c) Dungeon Robber game rules.
  • A signed bonus poster: either a second Random Dungeon poster or a Wandering Monsters poster.
  • A sheet of 20 stickers inspired by the poster, by a dozen artists.
  • PDF copy of Paul's DM Notebook, an all-editions D&D resource, containing art, adventures, DM advice, rules, and settings.
  • PDF of five watercolor dungeon-adventure paintings by Jared von Hindman.
  • Custom tokens from the D&D Virtual Table.

Successfully funded: 2012-04-06

Estimated ship date: 2012-05

Final product shipped: posters shipped 2012-05- 21; other rewards followed thereafter. Final reward, the Dungeon Robber online game, was delivered on 2013-08-08  (updates to the game are ongoing).

Number of updates posted: 29

Notes: Everything shipped on schedule, with nice surprises along the way.

4. Appendix N Adventure Toolkit - OH DEAR GOD WHEN WILL THE DELAYS END?

Number of backers: 572

Total raised: $18,893

Goal: $1,000

My pledged amount: $30 (note: includes original $20 pledge plus additional $10 in October 2012 when offered opportunity to get things shipped faster and in three shipments)

  • 1 print and 1 pdf copy of the module, “Appendix N Adventure Toolkit #1: “The Ruins of Ramat”
  • Special, limited edition Supporters Poster.
  • 1 print copy of the special, limited edition, “Appendix N Adventure Toolkit #1a: “The Witch of Wydfield”, plus 1 print and 1 pdf copy of:
  • Bonus Goal #1: “Appendix N Adventure Toolkit #2: “The Crumbling Tower.” Bonus Goal #2:  “Appendix N Adventure Toolkit #3: “Danger in the Sulyndri Forrest.”
  • Bonus Goal #3:  “Appendix N Adventure Toolkit #4: “The Revenge of Abudakar.”
  • Bonus Goal #4:  “Appendix N Adventures Game Box.”
  • Bonus Goal #5:  “Appendix N Adventure Toolkit #5: “Perplexing Disappearances in Brambury.”
  • Final Bonus Goal: Appendix N Adventure Toolkit #6: "The Old Isle Campaign Setting." This product will include a 11" x 17" color campaign map, a digest Player's and Referee's Guide
  • Extra Bonus Goal: DAGGER RPG -- A Referee Screen for Quick and Simple Role Playing with Young Children

Successfully funded: 2012-07-02

Estimated ship date: 2012-07

Final product shipped: WHO KNOWS? MAYBE WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER? PDF coupons for several modules have been delivered, and a few backers are reporting delivery of print products.

Number of updates posted: 56 (so far)

Notes: Over a year late. Lots of excuses. Sure, John had a bad year, but seriously--he over-promised and is now under-delivering and pissing off many backers along the way. Anyone who kicked in an extra $10 for faster shipping were suckered out of that money. He is now saying the project won't be complete for another 4 months. Last week he announced an employee quit because he found a better job. I'll never back or buy anything direct from Brave Halfling again.

5. The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord & Other Adventures - COMPLETED

Number of backers: 141

Total raised: $3,458

Goal: $600

My pledged amount: $30

  • A copy of The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord and Other Adventures and a copy of the PDF of same.
  • Personal bonus: 2nd copy of book
  • Personal bonus: 1 print copy of Everything is Dolphins RPG
  • Personal bonus: 2 print copies of Lovecraft Rules RPG
  • Personal bonus: 1 copy of Randomocity #1 zine

Successfully funded: 2012-10-10

Estimated ship date: 2013-03

Final product shipped: 2013-11

Number of updates posted: 15 (so far)

Note: Seven months late, but Tim was up front about the delays--not offering excuses, but keeping us abreast of the printer problems that delayed productions. He had it done right and used a fulfillment warehouse to get things packaged and shipped. The personal bonus items were included because I helped secure some of the content of the final book.

6. Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook (Hardcover) - OPEN (IN SHIPPING PROCESS)

Number of backers: 2,097

Total raised: $299,914

Goal: $17, 500

My pledged amount: $50

  • Copy of the book,  expanded to 336 pages as a bonus goal was met
  • 8x10 print set of the BEC cover artwork
  • 64pg black & white sketch book softcover
  • 8x10 print set of the original 3 Dragonlance book covers
  • Motorcycle ride with Larry (I don't ride, but still. . .)

Successfully funded: 2012-12-31

Estimated ship date: 2013-08

Final product shipped: Scheduled to ship 2013-12-03

Number of updates posted: 77 (so far)

Notes: My gold standard for how a Kickstarter should be run. Elmore has a major reputation to uphold, and the communication on this one has been 100% top notch. Printer delays are inevitable, especially in a full-color art book. If this one is a few months late it is entirely understandable. He even posted a video publicly apologizing for the delay in the project--that's how professional he is.

7. Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay - OPEN
Number of backers: 89

Total raised: $1,885

Goal: $500

My pledged amount: $35

  • Softcover copy of book
  • Softcover and PDF copy of Chronicles of Amerth setting
  • PDF copy of Atarin's Delve
  • PDF copy of Blood Moon Rising
  • PDF copy of The Inn of Lost Heroes
  • PDF copy of Pyramid of the Dragon
  • PDF copy of The Stealer of Children
  • PDF copy of The Shrine of St. Aleena
  • PDF copy of Ghoul Keep and the Ghoul Lands
  • PDF copy of Oak Grove Whispers  city-based module written specifically for this Kickstarter
  • Backer-created NPC included in final book

Successfully funded: 2013-11-21

Estimated ship date: 2014-03

Number of updates posted: 4 (so far)

Notes: Material is mostly written. Indie publisher has a good track record with other products, even though this is his first Kickstarter. PDFs of available rewards delivered via on 2013-12-06. Previews provided on a weekly basis. Definitely seems on track at this point.


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