Underworld Lore Slang by My Students

I teach a creative writing course and a digital narratives course at a community college. On my birthday, I tossed the regularly scheduled programming and had my students write classfieds and dungeon slang. Here is the third and final post presenting their creations. I've edited them a bit in terms of place names to make them fit with the setting I've developed over the course of the classifieds. All typos are my errors and I will correct if found.

Dumblesnort. Deep, obnoxious laugh, usu. coming from a large, hairy man.

Dumbsel. A stupid, in-bred royal princess, esp. one whose rescue is the subject of a quest.

Frogsicle. Frozen frog on a stick; favorite summertime treat of many ogres in thrall to ice wizards.

Gratch. A homely girl from the grasslands, esp. one whose rescue is the subject of a quest.

Gleer (-ed, -ing). To smile in an intimidating or horryfing fashion; most notably seen on goblins and trolls before devouring a victim, i.e. "Did you see that!?! The bloody bastard gleered before he bit Hav's ankle! Hand me my bow!"

Gricker. An ogre that sculpts with or crafts weapons from bones; a bone-smith. Ex.: "Talk to Glark. He's a great gricker! He made me this shield and these bookends from nothing more than an owlbear ribcage!"

Harving. To collect items by slaying monsters.

Krelby. A meat and grain stew made with makeshift ingredients and served when it's "good enough." Ex.: "We hunkered down with a bowl of krelby made of blind cave fish, shoe leather, and bonemeal. It wasn't much, but it put something in our bellies."

Juicey. A wife or husband married while under the affects of a love potion.

Juicer. Administer of a love potion with pretense of marriage.

Jackster. People devoted to looking for magic beets.

Jayber. Person placed under a curse to start every sentence with the same letter.

Merril. A shady male psychic; i.e. "Avoid the merril at the gypsy tent; he can't shuffle a tarot deck to save his life."

Morgret. Any land or area hidden with magic used for secret trysts; i.e. "Nice work, Wally! It looks like your spell revealed Von Vorgut's mistress's mogret! Can you believe that contraption over there?"

Onwooree: Sound of someone falling down a slope, cave, mine shaft or cliff directly towards your location. Hearing this sound usu. means you should move or become someone's soft landing.

-Ryan S., Madi H. Nikki D., Noah M., Michael B., Evan L., Stephanie W.


Love it! Its like "Sniglets" for D&D. "Jackster" is classic.