Remember Iron Heroes?

Remember Iron Heroes? Of course you don't. It was a variant 3.5e Player's Handbook published by Malhavoc Press that was then handed off to Fiery Dragon.

The nice thing is that because it was d20, it's pretty easy to convert the material to any D&D-type ruleset.

Malhavoc and Fiery Dragon even made a handful of free stuff for the setting back in the day. And I've gathered it here in my Dropbox for you.

Here's what you'll find in that folder:

from Malhavoc:
  • GenCon 2005 Demo, in both Microsoft Word and RTF formats
  • The King Must Die! introductory adventure, plus a pdf of pre-gens and a pdf of tokens
  • Borgnok's Raid, a free web enhancement for Mastering Iron Heroes

from Fiery Dragon:

  • Bloodwood campaign setting
  • Glacier Keep adventure for 4th level characters

All of these come courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and doing a Google site-specific, file-type search (i.e.: typing " filetype:pdf" into Google's search box, minus the quotation marks, of course).

EDIT: Link & files removed on 2015-03-05. I figure if you haven't grabbed them by now, you aren't going to, and I need to clean up space in my Dropbox account. 


Ynas Midgard said…
I very much liked the concept of Iron Heroes, although I had problems with the execution. Are these materials worth looking into them?
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Ynas: Don't know. I skipped the d20 era and only recently started to even look into it, doing a lot of diving.