FFG's Midnight Setting Freebies

(EDIT @ 2013-11-04: I fixed the link to the Dropbox. Sorry about that!)

Up until 2009, Fantasy Flight Game produced one of the most successful third-party settings, Midnight. It even spawned its own low-budget movie, Midnight Chronicles.

I've delved the FFG site at the Internet Wayback Machine to bring you a whole bunch of goodies.

You can download them here via Dropbox.

FFG Midnight:

  • 2005-07 Midnight 2nd Edition Errata & Clarifications.pdf
  • Forge of Shadow Preview.pdf - nice setting preview, includes three major NPCs
  • Hand Preview.pdf - Prestige class
  • Midnight - The Heart of Erenland (excerpt).pdf - adventure sampler
  • Midnight Character Sheet.pdf
  • Midnight Chronicle Web Trailer.mov - the movie trailer in QuickTime format.
  • Midnight Map.jpg
  • Midnight Preview.pdf
  • Midnight Spell List - Channeler.pdf - see the preview for this class
  • Midnight Spell List.pdf
  • Midnight Web Extra 05 - 2 Prestige Classes.pdf
  • Secrets of Shadow 01 - The God of the Dell.pdf - setting
  • Secrets of Shadow 02 - Death in the Night.pdf - creature
  • Secrets of Shadow 03 - Shades of Grey.pdf - one-shot adventure
  • Secrets of Shadow 04 - Search and Destroy.pdf - adventure
  • Secrets of Shadow 05 - Slivers of Steel.pdf - setting/NPC/Monsters
  • Secrets of Shadow 12 - Knowledge Is Power.pdf -GenCon 2005 adventure
  • Secrets of Shadow 13 - Signs In Shadow.pdf - GenCon 2005 adventure
  • Secrets of Shadow 14 - Errata (2005-11-08).pdf
  • Secrets of Shadow 14 - Shadow Servants.pdf - NPCs
  • Secrets of Shadow 15 - Shadow Servants.pdf - NPCs (same as #14, but with an extra blank page)
  • Secrets of Shadow 16 - Howls in the Night.pdf - adventure
  • Sorcery and Shadow Preview.pdf - new spells
EDIT: Link & files removed on 2015-03-05. I figure if you haven't grabbed them by now, you aren't going to, and I need to clean up space in my Dropbox account. 


John Y said…
It appears your dropbox link is not working.

Matthew Schmeer said…
@John: Whoops! Fixed!
Unknown said…
Is it possible to reupload those files, or a way for me to get them?
I just found out about this setting and was very sad to see you took them down 2 weeks ago!