FFG's Fireborn Freebies

Another Fantasy Flight Game post, this time in regards to a non-d20 RPG, Fireborn.

This was a weird RPG where you play two characters at the same time in different ages: a dragon in a mythic age and that dragon's human reincarnation in modern London. Yeah. weird. I wonder why it didn't take off.

I've delved the FFG site at the Internet Wayback Machine to bring you a whole bunch of files related to this game. The setting is rather interesting, but the adventures are probably more adaptable. You can probably run a one-shot game using just the GM Preview and the GM Screen reference sheets and do just fine.

You can download the files listed below from my Dropbox.

  • Character Sheets: both editable and non-editable for the 3 character types.
  • GM Screen: Three art files and a reference sheet file--all you really need to run the game are the ref sheets and the GM Preview.
  • FB Lost Lore Errata.pdf - lots of Q&As
  • FB Slang.pdf - nice little guide to British slang
  • Fire Within Preview.pdf - intro adventure preview, mostly setting
  • Fireborn GM Preview (low res).pdf - 37 pages of setting & rules goodness!
  • Players Handbook Preview.pdf - just a smidgen of setting info
  • Secrets of Fire 02 - ET-On the Eve of Exodus.pdf - setting details
  • Secrets of Fire 02 - ET-The Fall of Empires.pdf - setting details
  • Secrets of Fire 03 - Slake.pdf - creature/NPC
  • Secrets of Fire 03 - The Tower of Babble.pdf - adventure
  • Secrets of Fire 05 - NE-Tethys 1.pdf - setting details
  • Secrets of Fire 06 - NE-Tethys 2.pdf - setting details
  • Secrets of Fire 07 - NR-Brood Bidding.pdf - new rules
  • Secrets of Fire 08 - NR-Lost Legacies.pdf - new rules
  • Secrets of Fire 09 - Lock, Stock, & Three Smoking Souls.pdf - adventure
  • Secrets of Fire 11 - Betrayer.pdf - adventure
  • Secrets of Fire 13 - Beyond AR5 1.pdf - new rules
  • Secrets of Fire 14 - Beyond AR5 2.pdf - new rules


Very cool! I rather liked Fireborn myself and had some fun with it back when it was new.
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Tim: I never played it, but found the materials here interesting. There's plenty to borrow from, at least.
Appelmans said…
Thanks for this!

There is not much going on for Fireborn anymore, other then the few who play it (like myself).

Game is awesome, just needs some time to understand and some bits could have been explained better.
I just wish they would have done a second edition, or otherwise continued with it..

I still maintain a google plus community page for the game, but not much activity, which doesn't make it likely many others play the game.