Community Project: Map of the Decaying God

EDIT 2: Well this idea went over like a lead balloon. That's fine. I'll just have to write this up myself--which is probably what I should have done in the first place. I'll see if I can flesh this out in the coming days/weeks.

EDIT 1: Hey, all you looky-loos from YDIS--put your monkey where your mouth is and fill out a location. What's the matter? Afraid that someone will make a silly 'toon out of your entry?'s okay. You can still hide behind your anonymity so no one will know you're using your mom's computer while she's making you a sammich. It sure is fun to make fun of other people on the internet, isn't it? It sure makes you feel pretty powerful, like when you let your Decepticons win all the fights against Voltron and the Thundercats. Mmmmmm.....Thundercats.

On some planets, when the gods die, their bodies fall to earth, wreaking weird and horrible havoc to the land as they decay. A god's digestive system creates nightmarish landscapes of Boschian heights as divine digestive juices seep into the ground and break the bonds between the planes, creating rifts in time and space.

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Pick a location and describe the horrors within that await any fools stupid enough to tread through the bowels of a fallen god.

1. Mouth
2. Salivary glands
3. Pharynx
4. Esophagus
5. Stomach
6. Small intestines
     a. Duodenum
     b. Jejunum
     c. Ileum
7. Liver
8. Gallbladder
9. Pancreas
10. Large intestine
     a. Caecum
     b. Colon
     c. Rectum
11. Anus

(Illustration by Arthur Lidov for LIFE Magazine, December 7, 1962.)


Dyvers said…
When I first looked at this picture I thought it had to be another one of Dali's portraits of his wife. I was really happy to find out I was wrong.