More Free Old d20 Adventures

After some more Wayback Machine searching, I've added the following to my d20 Freebies Dropbox folder:

3am Games: The Lost Font of Frilyn Wir

Airweaver Games: A1 The Milk Run

Dark Portal Games: DF1 Dead Fire

Inner Circle: The Fool's Abbey

Roc Games:
  • Love Forlon 
  • Olduvai's Test

Second World Simulations:
  • Adventure Toolkit: Organization Book 1 - Black Fist Orcs
  • Adventure Toolkit: Organization Book 2 - Amethyst Legion
  • Small Worlds and Exiles

Silven Publishing: Hussle

Sovereign Stone: A Tangled Web

Tyranny Games: Good Intentions

Grab them here.

EDIT on 2013-10-28: Added A Tangled Web.

EDIT: Link & files removed on 2015-03-05. I figure if you haven't grabbed them by now, you aren't going to, and I need to clean up space in my Dropbox account.


Darnizhaan said…
Thank you for doing this, please don't stop
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Darnizhaan: Glad to be of service. I hope folks are finding these useful.We are ten or so years out from the hey-day of d20, and a lot of stuff has disappeared into the ether or is only found on Even if its free on, you still need an account to download it, and sometimes people don't want to have yet one more password to remember.

I've been linking to stuff only found through examining the publisher's sites archive on the Wayback Machine and/or found through a site-specific Google search. Everything here was/is freely and legally available--no pirated materials.
Megan said…
Drat - found you too late, alas :( I was chasing up some old stuff for RPG Resource and you had some things I was after... only now you've removed them. Hope I'll find them someplace else...
Matthew Schmeer said…
Megan: Let me know what you were after and I can dig them out and send them to you.
Megan said…
Wow - that's kind of you!
3am Games: The Lost Font of Frilyn Wir (looking for which is how I found this page!)... er, well, actually all the ones listed on this page if it's not too much trouble.
Visit - you'll find my e-mail on the front page.