It's Been A While, Bookface!

Underworld Lore #1. Excellent zine from Gorgonmilk to keep us happy until Petty Gods gets wrapped up (last I heard, Greg was waiting for a few of the "big names" to finish up). Of course, I'm biased in my opinion as to the greatness of this issue, as I contributed a ton of stuff. Still, you need to go check it out.

The fantastic Simon Forster surprised me late last week with an envelope from England. Inside were these gorgeous hand-drawn maps (one on each side of a piece of parchment) and a lovely piece of flash fiction entitled "Countdown." I have to say that I haven't seen a sheet of A4 paper in a long time, and I think I like it better than the American standard letter size.

The maps are quite lovely and the cross-hatching is mesmerizing.

I picked up the D&D 4e version of Gamma World, plus both of its expansions, for less than $40 from one of Amazon's affiliate sellers as remaindered stock. The box set alone retailed for $39.99, so I consider this a steal. The boxes were in tip-top shape and nothing was punched or had their covers torn off, as sometimes happens with book remainders. All they had were red lines drawn in Sharpies crossed through their UPC bars. Will I play the game as is? No. But the resources and the counters and the maps are all pretty damn good.

Also, speaking of Amazon, did you know they upped their free shipping order minimum to $35? Yeah, that caught me by surprise, too. Guess they are trying to push folks to get an Amazon Prime membership.

Go get this. Now. Thank me later.

Picked up next year's Farmer's Almanac after reading John Stater's suggestions. Lots of inspiration for in-game weather, plus I've been riffing on the classifieds, too.


Simon Forster said…
Glad you like the maps, and the A4 piece of paper :)
Greg Gorgonmilk said…
Got the gf the Adventure Time cyclopedia -- written by none other than the voice actor who portrays the ruler of the Night-o-Sphere! Full of interesting tidbits, too.
Gothridge Manor said…
Very cool Bookface. I like the OFA idea. Used to have those around all the time when I was a kid. Headed to get Underworld Lore right now.