FOUND: Gamma World d20 Free Adventure

Back in the d20 days, White Wolf had the Gamma World license and produced a series of hardbacks that utilized the d20 Modern SRD to produce a Gamma World campaign setting. The hardbacks were released right around the time the d20 license was rescinded (not the OGL -- the license to use the little d20 logo to indicate product compatibility). The Gamma World books fizzled.

They didn't release a free demo or quick start or fast-play, but White Wolf did release a single free d20 Gamma World PDF. Here it is:

Gamma World d20 - Midnight in the Mystery Garden.pdf (link removed)


ScrivenerB said…
The adventure looks okay, but what's really intriguing was the settlement flowchart towards the's not really explained. Are the rules behind it only found in the d20 version of Gamma World?
mwschmeer said…
@ScrivenerB: I have no clue. I skipped d20 games, coming back into the hobby only after the emergence of the retro-clones. My Google-fu says you can find illegal scans of the Gamma World sourcebooks online (no link, 'natch), but you might be better off searching on Amazon or Half-Price Books for used copies.