Monday, September 23, 2013

Some Entries for Gorgonmilk's Table of Magical Gems Found in the Eye Sockets of Animated Skeletons

Gorgonmilk's latest community project is located here. Here are my first entries.

Sharded Jale
Pulling out this gem results in a 1-in-10 chance of an aspect of the Jale God manifesting within 20 feet. He will demand the return of the gem to its rightful eye socket upon pain of an impossible Quest (Save vs. Spell –4). The gem itself is worthless to any possible buyer or trader, and the if the gem is given away, it will find its way back into the PC's possession within an hour.

However, if the PC gouges out his own eye and replaces it with the Sharded Jale, he will receive the gift of hindsight, being able to simultaneous see what is behind him and in front of him at the same time; his brain will automatically adapt to this new vision system with no ill effect. Once the gem is inserted into the eye socket, it is bonded to the PC's flesh until death.

Umber Diamond
Removing these causes the skeleton to transform into (roll 1d6):

1) Ghoul
2) Ghast
3) Vampire
4) Mummy
5) Zombie
6) Wight

The transformed skeleton will have all the stats and abilities of the creature whose shape it takes, but upon defeat will crumple into a pile of broken, dusty bone fragments. This effect can be repeated by placing the Umber Diamond in the eye socket of another (humanoid) skeleton, ad infinitum.

The gem itself is worth a mighty price to the right buyer; several wizards would kill for it.

The Heart of Net'al Ya'al
This black-red blood diamond burns with the agony of a million tortured souls. Created in one of the lower rings of the Hell Planes, this was once the crown jewel in a demon lord's coronet and was lost to the ages during the fabled Firlith incursion of the fifteenth ring and the resulting schism of the demonic order. It was lost for ages before being found in a Hellwraith's temple in the Golarion Mountains several centuries ago, when it was stolen by a troupe of nomadic acrobat assassins.

The gem will melt the bare flesh of any human, dwarf, or halfling, causing 2d20 fire damage. Additionally, merely possessing the diamond causes incessant nightmares regardless of alignment; clerics and magic-users will find they cannot rest if they own the gem. The nightmares are so intense that they cause 1d12 psionic damage for each night the gem is in a PC's possession.

Elves are unaffected by these effects, as they have no souls.

If the gem remains in a PC's possession for more than a week, there is a 2 in 6 chance that a prince of Hell will appear to reclaim the gem.

The gem is an ultra rare item. DM can assign value accordingly.

Sapphire of Atonement
Weighing roughly 5gp, this oval-shaped uncut green sapphire causes any flesh that touches it to wither and rot without any hope of recovery except for a Resurrection spell cast by a same-aligned cleric of twice the sufferer's level. Virgins are immune to this effect.

Silver Crystals of the Gnomish Giants
These pair of ice-blue spinels, one slightly larger than the other, are magically imbued with the ability to make the possessor grow or shrink three times his size. To grow larger, the larger crystal must be held in the right hand and the smaller crystal held in the right; to shrink, the crystals must be held in the opposite configuration. Upon the utterance of the command phrase "Uckfay isthay, iyay'may outyay ofyay erehay!", the PC will change size. To return to normal size, the PC must drop one of the crystals.

Alas, despite these crystals' name, they cannot be used by gnomes.

The Plain Opal
This translucent opal looks perfectly worthless. And it is. Unless you happen to be a male one-legged, bearded thief-acrobat assassin. If you are, then you are in luck, as this opal will regenerate your missing leg and improve your dexterity to a natural 18—but only if you slice open your scrotum and replace one of your testicles with the opal.

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