More Petty Classifieds

A THOUSAND USES FOR SOUR ALE! Since ancient times sour ale has been known to ward off ill health and prevent evil wards. Send for a FREE scroll to find out how! Send 12sp to cover courier costs to Upturn Potsherd, Barthian Way, Narlick.

FATHER GILGARTH restores luck, love, health, and happiness. Narwith Abbey, east door. Reasonable prices.

PSYCHIC READINGS by Malach the Black. Find out who plagues your soul. Helps with love life, health, job, and relationships. Immediate results or no charge. Flargeth Alley, Kingskeep, Brookshire.

ROSEBRIAR THIMBTHWIT can change your life overnight. Send 25sp and emergency prayer request via courier to Dimswit Ditch, Doorchester.

I WILL BUY YOUR TRINKETS! See Timberbull in Stall 17, Marketsquare.

HEMPSTEAD'S CURE-ALL! Doctor Hempstead, the healer's healer, has right potion to cure your ills. Hempstead's Cure-All is excellently adapted to carry off morbid excretions, restore and amend the appetite, and prevent sickness of the stomach and severe headaches. See Doc at Ye Old Emporium in Narlick for a free sample to cure what ails you!

BECOME A COURIER AND SEE THE REALMS! Our business is booming and we need couriers to expand our reach! If neither orcs nor trolls nor blighted dark can keep your from your oath-sworn route, we want to talk to YOU! Stop by our offices in Kingskeep today to learn how Kingsworn Couriers can help you achieve your dreams!

WANTED: BROKEN WANDS & STAVES. Bargard Billquarrel will buy your broken and discharged wands and staves for top dollar, no questions asked. See Stall 72, Marketsquare.