Gloves of Dwarvenkind

Gloves of Dwarvenkind
These dwarven-made gloves are used by dwarves to protect their hands when working their wondrous forges beneath the earth. Made of light mithril chainmail lined with the skin of stillborn ewes and imbued with unknown dwarven spells, they are impenetrable to heat or flame or radiant ray attack and can only be destroyed by being cast into the dying sun of Arnoff or Carcosa.

They are rarely seen above the underworld, as dwarves have long kept their existence secret. However, the lucky adventurer might find a pair (or, most often, just a single sparkling glove) in abandoned dwarven settlements.

Several single gloves—all left handed—have been spotted about the realms over the ages. Many dwarves say these spottings are all of the same glove, one lost by the legendary dwarven warrior Vlarnan Thundergaff, who lost his left arm attempting to steal a red dragon's fire gland on a bar bet (the story goes that he won the bet but the dragon survived and after his gland regenerated, he took revenge by killing an entire mountain kingdom of dwarves somewhere up north over the Brumeridden Mountains, near the town of Dingle).

Only two complete pairs of these gloves are known to exist outside of dwarven possession. One pair is under examination at the Wizard College, where the mages are trying to untangle the knot of ancient dwarven spells which give the gloves their special abilities. The other was last seen in the possession of a halfling thief in the Walthamthorp Barony.

Dwarves do not like to see the gloves used by anyone other than dwarves. They will barter and bribe to regain their possession and return the glove(s) to the dwarves' forges. All dwarves are under a blood oath to attack any orc, goblin, hobgoblin, kobold, gnoll, or bugbear with even a single glove in their possession.