A Few More for Gorgonmilk's Gem Table

Gastrolith of the Bugbear Worm God
This perfectly 1-inch diameter sphere of highly polished purple fluorite came from the gizzard of purple worm which had been worshiped by a bugbear warren for generations.

The worm itself was killed by a band of intrepid retired adventurers now working as interior designers when they were completing a makeover of Danny the Lich's 384 room, six-level dungeon in Lancashire. They accidentally broke into the warren when moving a wall and were immediately confronted by a tribe of angry bugbears and the largest purple worm ever recorded in Lancashire. With a bit of quick thinking and the use of several +2 wallpaper paste trowels, they quickly dispatched the bugbears and subdued and gutted the worm, finding in its gizzard thousands of small stones bubbling and slowly dissolving in the worm's acidic fluids. This stone alone was untouched by the worm's acids.

The Gastrolith normally glows with subtle flow of pale purple light which grows bright as the sun if bugbears are present. Any bugbear seeing the stone will immediately begin vomiting uncontrollably and will to its knees in supplication. If the stone is touched to a bugbear's forehead, it will be polymorphed into an owl bear and be under the control of the stone's holder No one knows where the stone come from or who created it, although ancient bugbear tales speak of a mighty Owlbear Army raised in this way by Gagleeon the Foul, the bugbear warrior-shaman of legend—"Dhuur daan tuukaan dan duulaal duun daan maal or Duul'daakhaar ac kuun, maan dan khruun ghuugaan ac a dec khruur akelaan ac ol ac or khruur akelaan a rhaar tuul rhaakluugaan an"

Anyone holding this stone may also summon and control 1d6 smaller purple worms or 1 gargantuan purple worm—including the animated skeleton.

Bezoar of the Jackal
This polished green stone is actually a mass of calcified fur retrieved from the stomach of a jackal that once belonged to the first high priest of the God of Thieving Lies. Unlike most magical bezoars which protect against poison, this stone has the ability to turn any liquid it touches into a poison so deadly that it is said that one drop is enough to kill a tarrasque (this has not been confirmed). However, if the liquid contains but a trace of vanilla, the bezoar will not be able to transform the liquid to poison.

Rumor has it that if the bezoar is dissolved in a solution of sugar, citrus oils, cinnamon, vanilla, and phosphoric acid mixed in roughly equal parts (the exact recipe is unknown), the stone will dissolve and from the gelatin-like fibrous mass a wizard may attempt to resurrect the jackal with a 25% chance of success. If successful, the jackal will appear similar to a giant hellhound and will do the wizard's bidding.