Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bookface Mail Call!

Why look what came in the mail! The Manor #4! Great googly-moogly! And what's this?

A bonus! An excellent picture of corpse flies! That reminds me . . . it's lunchtime!

Crank up the soundtrack, because Planet Motherf***er has landed!

Many, many thanks to Zach Z. for this, who backed the Kickstarter and decided to pass on his Free RPG Day copy to me. I owe him much beer. Does that make a good baby shower gift?

From Dylan Hartwell comes Verloren! Read this review, then go buy it!

The Fungus that Came to Blackeswell, by Yves Geens (the dude who brought us the Fallout fan conversion for the Savage Worlds system). This is Module #3 in the Psychedlic Fantasies series. You can read a review over here.

Also, if you missed it, please check out yesterday's post, as I thought I was particularly clever.


The Happy Whisk said...

Nicely done, Bookface :-)

Tim Shorts said...

Ho, there is Bookface! Concealed by many covers, but I know it's you!

Mark K said...

Bookface? Who is 'Bookface'? Secret agent, or a ladies dandy? He must be unmasked!

mwschmeer said...

If you look hard enough, you'll find his secret identity is easily revealed.