Bookface -- AEG Edition

So back on July 22, Tenkar asked if anyone knew anything about the d20 adventure booklets published by Alderac Entertainmnet Group under the Adventure Booster title. I had never heard about them. But I had a credit balance at RPGNow, so I grabbed four in PDF: Bring Him Back Alive, Castle Zadrian, The Crypt of St. Bethesda, and The Heart of Amun Khonshu.

The PDFs were crappy scans. The content was decent albeit a bit railroady (boxed text and all), but the scans made for difficult on-screen reading, two of them wouldn't open in Preview on my Mac (the default PDF viewer), and printing them to create a booklet was nearly impossible. So I popped over to Noble Knight Games and grabbed a few that were low priced and in good condition.

The modules themselves are designed to be drop-ins in a current campaign -- side treks or encounters that should take only a session to complete. Rather than bore you with my reviews, here's a link to an article by Jim Bishop from Dragon Magazine Annual 6 published in 2001. Bishop reviews most of these Adventure Boosters, plus many from Fantasty Flight Games's Instant Adventure series. I'm just glad to see that the ones I grabbed from both RPGNow and Noble Knight were, for the most part, ones that earned high marks from Bishop.

Jerimond's Orb

The Murder of the Seven Points

Against the Barrow King

The Heart of Amon Khonshu