Bob the Cat?

So this is Bob the Cat:

Bob is kind of a big deal. Seems this James Bowen dude is a musician who was struggling to makes ends meet and whose life turned around when he started taking care of the cat. The book is supposed to be a feel-good memoir, evidently. Here's an excerpt.

Before this book was published in the U.S. last month, I had never heard of that cat or the book about him.

And here's what's weird. Back in March, I created a minion for Petty Gods named, you guessed it, Bob the Cat.

Here's the opening line of that write-up:
Bob the Cat is a two-legged bald cat that rides on the shoulders of Ywehbobbobhewy, Lord of Waters, etc., etc., when His Lordship manifests as a one-eyed, lute-playing hunchbacked midget during the Dark Moon Festival and other high holy days.

Look at the book cover again:

The cat is riding on that dude's shoulders! Bowen is a busker who plays the guitar!

Maybe I was tapping into some Amber-ish shadow world for my inspiration.

I guess this makes James Bowen a manifestation of Ywehbobbobhewy, Lord of Waters, King of Mirrors, Patriarch of the Most Profound, eh? He does look kinda shifty.


Anonymous said…
...and a little hunchbacky. Not sure about the midget thing, though (No reference but the cat, and Bob could be small or big as they come...), and he has two eyes. ;)
Mark K said…
This is purely a cat-based comment; having cats in my life, even today, you realise one thing, they choose you. The Egyptians thought they were mystical creatures, so maybe they are.

Anyway, I like the sound of both cat-related works. Interesting post :)