TSR & WotC Fast-Plays

Over on one of the RPG forums I frequent, someone inquired about the D&D Fast-Plays that TSR/WotC has released over the years.

Here are all the ones for D&D, Alternity, and d20 Star Wars I've been able to find. Let me know if I'm forgetting one.

Dungeons & Dragons (various editions)
Wrath of the Minotaur (2e)
Eye of the Wyvern (2e)
Fast-Play from Dragon Magazine 251 (2e)
AD&D Fast Play (2e)
(note: These four share the same introductory adventure "The Ruined Tower" and include the exact same set of pre-gens. The AD&D Fast Play and Fast Play from Dragon Magazine 251 both stop after the intro adventure. WotM and EotW present 4 additional pre-gens and each contains 1 additional adventure that complement each other. WotM is a dungeon adventure; EotW is a wilderness adventure.)

Crypt of the Smoke Dragon (2e)
Diablo II Fast Play (2e)

Caves of Shadow (3e; included in the d20 System Dice package)

The Dungeons & Dragon Movie Fast Play (3e) entitled "The Sewers of Sumdall" was included on the craptastic movie DVD. There is also an entire D&D Movie Adventure Arc available on WotC's website:

Part I: The Antius Thieves' Guild
Part II: Damodar's Refuge
Part III: Savrille's Crypt
Movie Maps
Movie Character Pre-Gens: Marina, Elwood, Ridley and Snails

D&D 4e QuickStart Rules
H1 - Keep on the Shadowfell Starter Adventure

Monster Slayers: Heroes of Hesiod (4e for kids)

Monster Slayers: Champions of the Elements (5e for kids)

Dark•Matter Fast-Play
The Future's Edge Fast-Play (from Dungeon #78)
Incident at Exile Fast-Play
Star*Drive Fast-Play Players Guide
Star*Drive Fast-Play Gamemasters Guide

Star Wars d20
The Smugglers of Naboo
Predators (from Star Wars Gamer #2)

I've got ALL of the fast plays and quick starts listed here in a folder on my Dropbox account. I'll take these offline at some point in the next month, so grab them while you can. (LINKS REMOVED)

I'll update this post and the Dropbox folder if I find more.


Dave Zanko said…
Jut as a note, you have Crypt of the Smoke Dragon and Cave of Shadows backwards. The latter was the 3e introductory adventure, while Crypt was for 2e (though it uses radically simplified rules, even more so than the previous two 2e fast plays).
mwschmeer said…
@David: Thanks! Fixed!