Planet MF Soundtrack

While I'm waiting for a copy of Planet Motherf***er to arrive, I noticed that a lot of folks have put together soundtracks.

So, here's mine [LINK REMOVED]. This is a link to a zip file in my Dropbox. It'll only be active for a week or so, so grab it while you can. The file contains 33 AAC and mp3 files of various sounds from my music collection that I find somewhat appropriate for the setting. Play 'em in order for the best experience or totally ignore me and hit the shuffle button.

Also, for more heavy sounds that might make good sonic accompaniment to this setting, check out Stonerobixxx's monthly compilations and their "best of 2012" collections. If you have trouble downloading any of Stonerobixxx's compilations, let me know and I'll try to get it you via other means, as I have them all in 128k AAC format so I can squeeze as many as possible on my iPod Shuffle.