The Eldoon Namar

The Eldoon Namar (Unique)
Alignment: Chaotic Lawful
XP Value: 8,000

Created centuries ago by Ur-mu "the Bastard" Ab'rkada, once a necromancer of world renown and now a powerful ageless lich hidden from the world, the Eldoon Namar is a mask of great and dangerous power. The mask itself is a thin, flesh-colored stocking of tightly-woven, magically-created synthetic mesh that adheres tightly to the face and neck when worn. The material is highly porous—the wearer may breathe, talk, eat, and drink normally while wearing the mask—yet the mask completely obscures the wearer's facial features.

When worn, the mask transforms the wearer into another person (human, demi-human, or humanoid) of the wearer's choosing; the wearer must have an object recently handled by the person whose appearance he wishes to assume and must meditate on this transformation for 1 hour.  The new body must be of a person with a number of HD equal to the wearer or fewer. The wearer retains his own intelligence, hit points, saving throws, and ability to attack, but does gain physical abilities of the new form, including strength or strength-based attack forms and damage, including the magical abilities or other special abilities.  The wearer is able to cast spells up to and including the 3rd level when transformed. The spell Dispel Magic does not negate the effects of the mask, nor does a spell of True Seeing have any effect. The wearer will only revert to his natural form if the mask is removed, even if he dies while wearing the mask.

Wearing the mask for extended periods of time (more than a day or so) may warp the mind; there is a 50% chance  the mask leaves psionic damage of some kind for 1d8 days after it is removed. Roll on the table below or a table of similar psionic disfigurements:

Brain Damage Table (1d10):

1. Telepathic Noise
The PC's mind is invaded by the mundane thoughts of every creature (including, for example, body lice and planted ferns) in his presence in a cacophony of  jibber-jabber that makes it difficult to concentrate. The PC cannot "read" minds or sort out specific information, but is only swamped with the deluge of white thought noise. This might have disastrous effects for clerics and magic users.

2. Brainfart
The PC is unable to remember important details at the exact moment the details are the most expedient to know.

3. Stemtwist
The PC's brain is twisted around in his skull, making the left hemisphere the right and vice versa. If the PC was right-handed, now they are left-handed, and vice versa. The PC must relearn basic control of body functions, including walking, talking, and feeding himself.

4.  Hindsight
The PC's eyes now see things as they were ten minutes ago instead of how they are now.

5. Seconds
The PC narrates her every action in the present tense as if she is reading a story from a book , and consistently refers to herself in the the second person (i.e.: "You see the ugly goblin before you and think he deserves to die. You prepare to draw your sword.").

6. Mindwedge
Two times a day, the PC can drive a wedge of psionic energy into the brain of any creature within 20 feet and inflict 1d12 points of damage. Unfortunately, the PC cannot control the target or the timing of this attack.

7. Taint
The PC is able to recognize the alignment of  other creatures by their auras, but is also rendered colorblind.

8. Undiscernment
The PC loses the ability to tell good from evil.

9. Tongues
The PC loses the ability to speak but gains the ability to understand any spoken language.

10. Lich Dreams
The PC begins to dream the dreams of Ur-mu Ab'rkada, which often feature his beloved and now long-dead pet owlbear, Hargoth.