Seeds of Sowing

Seeds of Sowing (Rare)
Alignment: Neutral
XP: 825

The exact recipe of the Seeds of Sowing is known only by the chief preists of the Cult of Audrum, and is a highly guarded secret. What is known is that the seeds appear to be a mix of special soils, nutrients, plant digestives, and other unknown ingredients packed into a shape roughly the size and weight of a chicken egg. When a normal plant seed is embedded into the Seed of Sowing and planted in temperate conditions, the plant that sprouts will be a sentient life form, capable of speech and thought and with 1000 times the life-cycle length of the normal plant of that type of seed. The resulting plant is incapable of reproduction and any fruit borne by the plant will be seedless. It is rumored that the Murmuring Forest of Nerm was the result of a clumsy cultist spilling a large collection of such seeds. There are no more than 1d4 seeds found at any time.

Eating the Seeds of Sowing is not advised, but has no effect beyond a severe stomach ache for 1d4 days.