Salts of Despair

Salts of Despair (Rare)
Alignment: Neutral
XP: 1,025

Like the Seeds of Sowing, the secret knowledge of creating the Salts of Despair is guarded by the chief priests of the Cult of Audrum, as the salts are a rare and dangerous concoction. The salts themselves appear to be thumbnail-sized, multi-colored crystals of sea salt. If dissolved in water at a 2:1 ratio, the salts have the power to immediately destroy any plant or plant-based creature’s root system the solution is poured upon as if by an acid attack (no save). This solution will also render the ground into which it is poured forever devoid of plant life. It is rumored that the Desert of Ka’rat was formed in just this manner. The salts are generally produced in small batches of under eight ounces, but have not been produced for over 300 years.

Should a creature be so inclined to digest a salt crystal or drink the dissolved solution, they will suffer 6d20 acidic damage to their digestive tract and permanently lose the ability to speak.