Monday Mail Call: 6 Iron Spikes and a Small Hammer.

Look what arrived in the mail on Saturday!

How much for ze leetel kobold? Ze leetel zcrawnee one?

This 16-page zine is chock full of useful stuff to run a a game or campaign around H.G. Wells's The Island of Dr. Moreau--you know, the book with the mad doctor stitching together/breeding weird human/animal hybrids.

As far as content, you get a not-actually-accurate synopsis of the book with some twists thrown in for gaming (best line: "The latter are catchy and end up enshrined in a popular track by the band, DEVO"), a small hand-drawn map (which could be better labeled; the locations are hard to discern from the terrain), a brief non-stated NPC section, a whole shit-ton of adventure seed ideas, and a nice wandering encounters table. But the best is certainly saved for last, the Beast Folk Generator.

I always picture the monsters on Moreau's island as looking something like Ferret and Bruno after their transformations in 1981's Swamp Thing movie rather than anything from the 1932, 1977, or 1996 film adaptations. This table is useful for creating low-level humanoid/monster hybrids along those lines. It's a cool concept and the stat rules John Yorio has come up with for creating the creatures are right on target.

This is definitely worth $2. It's print-only, so grab it here. I've also added it to the zine page.

Don't forget that I'm still looking for entries for the Random Pit Trap Surprises table. You could win an old paperback!

I'm sorry. This pit trap is occupied. Please try the one next door.

Also: No Free RPG Day for me. The in-laws were in town, and the closest game store that participates is an hour's drive away. So, if anyone wants to shoot me a copy of "Better Than Any Man," "Hall of Bones," and/or "Fire Dwarves of Zorr," I'd be greatly appreciative and in your debt.


John Y said…
thanks for the review!

totally agree on the map, which is definitely an area for improvement. Glad you liked the beast folk generator which is easily my favorite part.