Lord Greensayne, an aspect of the Jale God

Name: Lord Greensayne, an aspect of the Jale God
Symbol: A blood-filled moneybag
Alignment: Lawful
Movement: 60' (30')
Armor Class: -3
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 55 (9 HD)
: 2
Damage: 1d6+2 OR 1d6+2 or +4 (see below)/1d4+2
Save: C12
Morale: 6
Hoard Class:  VII
XP: 5,600

Not a petty god in his own right and ostensibly the fifth son of a fifth son of a seventh son of a seventh son, Lord Filchard Pettybane Humbert Albin Adolphus Greensayne is regarded as a generous albeit minor noble in the court of the Cerisian Empire, where he serves as an economic advisor to the Emperor. Knowledgeable in all trade goods that move through the empire, he has made a name for himself by exposing complicated import/export tax evasion schemes of rich merchants, middling nobles, and other enemies of the court; thus, he has many enemies seeking his demise. No one has ever discovered Greensayne's network of spies and stoolies and so no one knows exactly how Greensayne comes by his intimate knowledge of hidden trade routes, back room money laundries, and hives of economic inequity.

Greensayne's position at court is a front; he is a priest of the Cerisian Empire's branch of the Cult of the Jale God, whose bloodcurdling induction ceremonies, insanity-inducing sacrificial rites, fetish-laden orgiastic festivals, byzantine organizational structure, and scrumptious cocktail recipes are detailed elsewhere in this tome.  As a member of the cult's council of priests for over twenty years, Greensayne has selected, seduced, preened,  and inducted members of polite society into its membership. He has taken great care to select those nobles and prosperous merchants whose political and financial connections enhance the power and reach of the cult, so much so that it is rumored that Lord Greensayne controls the Cerisian Empire from his whisperings in the Emperor's ear.

Several years ago, Greensayne came into possession of  the Eidolons of Fear and Hate. He often wielded both during lavish ceremonies in the catacombs beneath the Empire's capital city. Due to the stones' corruptive influence, he developed an incurable fear and hatred of dwarves and often demands their removal and/or execution. He is carrying out a quiet  pogrom against the dwarven clans of Cerise to drive them from their ancestral homes beneath the Fogthrum and Harthstrop Mountains, sending initiates and novices in the Cult to wage his secret war.

The Eidolons warped his body as well: he now has a hideous, fully articulated third arm with a  three-fingered hand growing from the middle of his back, the middle finger of which contains a fully-functioning eyeball impervious to irritation. This arm is functional during combat and gives him an additional attack. Additionally, the eyeball acts as an Orb of True Seeing. Greensayne has taken to hiding this arm while at court or on official business by wearing richly woven robes and other loose-fitting clothing. (Alas, the Eidolons were stolen from Greensayne by his former bride, Tallemaja, and their whereabouts are currently unknown.)

Greensayne currently possesses the Eldoon Namar, which he extracted from the cargo hold of the Townsend Hawk, a sleek smuggling ship attempting to make the Lessek Route in under twelve days to avoid the inter-empire fortnight tax. Greensayne dispatched the crew via sacrificial rites and now uses the ship for his own travels. Greensayne is unaware the Townsend Hawk's true owner is Ur-mu "the Bastard" Ab'rkada, a powerful lich and adherent to the Cult of Ywehbobbobhewy, Lord of Waters, King of Mirrors, Patriarch of the Most Profound. Ab'rkada is searching for his missing crew and ship. Greensayne now suffers from a permanent case of Telepathic Noise due to his use of the Eldoon Namar.

Greensayne plays things close to the vest, constantly putting the interests of the cult first, himself second, and the empire third. He awaits the sixth coming of the Jale God and the opening of the Age of Slith which will follow. On multiple occasions, the Jale God has inhabited Greensayne's flesh to prepare His arrival. There is a 10% chance the Jale God is doing such when the party encounters Greensayne; the observant party will recognize the Jale God's presence through His habit of washing his hands in spiced goat blood before meals.

Greensayne wields a short sword +2, a dagger +2, and a Mace of Dwarf Smiting (+2; +4 against dwarves); the dagger is usually used by his mutant hand. Greensayne will parley or flee before attacking, but he will defend himself fiercely and deftly if pressed. If at court or at home, he will call 2d20 cultists to his aid if attacked; if in temple, he can summon 6d20 cultists, 1d20 lesser demons, 1d12 greater demons, with a 30% chance of successfully beseeching the Jale God himself to manifest if Greensayne feels his life is in imminent danger.

Note: if dwarves are in the party , he will immediately demand the dwarves be dispatched or turned over to him before dealing with the rest of the party.

2-4    Friendly. Will gladly do what he can for the party if the party is willing to do a little favor for him . . .
5-7    Indifferent. Will answer questions, but not really willing to go out of his way to help.
8-10 Scheming. Will attempt to use the party to do his bidding in exchange for as little as a reward as he can get away with.
11-12 Coercive. Will trick and/or threaten the party to do his bidding; will willingly imprison or sell PCs into slavery if they refuse.