d24 Table: What Came Through the Portal?

d24 Table: What Came Through the Portal?

1. USB flash drive containing complete technical details of an advanced, moon-sized battle station with an exhaust vent vulnerability.

2. A red umbrella.

3. A Swingline™ stapler and 1,000 staples, sealed in a plastic blister pack.

4. A glass dip pen.

5. Tube of antibiotic ointment.

6. Pad of 3M Sticky Notes™.

7. Sack of golden russet potatoes.

8. 2 Epson ink jet color ink cartridges.

9. A clear plastic 12-inch ruler decorated with cartoon anime characters.

10. A Leatherman Multi-Tool.

11. Pair of garden shears.

12. Box of jumbo paperclips.

13. Box of tacks.

14. 6 empty plastic milk crates.

15. Pad of legal-size paper.

16. Coal shovel.

17. Astronaut-themed sun visor.

18. Pair of cushioned arch support shoe inserts.

19. Bottle of multivitamins with childproof cap.

20. Package of cocoa mix.

21. Stainless steel egg beater.

22. 1d24 fast food ketchup packets.

23. 1d24 x 10 yards of fine nylon mesh, suitable for screen doors.

24. 1d24 bunches of fresh broccoli.


Mr. Pavone said…
no flies or mad scientists?
Matthew Schmeer said…
Nope, just the regular mundane stuff. Still, what would a dwarf cleric do with a stapler?!?
Mr. Pavone said…
finally assemble all those pamphlets he has laying around?