Compiled Pit Trap Surprise Table Entries

2014-02-21: PDF available! Rended Press Community Project - 2d24 Pit Trap Table

Here is an extremely rough compilation the entries for the Random Pit Trap Surprise Table contest. I added a few more at the end to round it out to 47 total entries so that you can roll 2d24 on it. I'll clean it up in the next couple of days and have a nice PDF for download at some point.

2d24 Table of Pit Trap Surprises

2    Pit lined with 1d24 vampire vines.

3    Dessicated corpse at bottom of pit is actually a naked mummy.

4    1d24 giant burrow worms.

5    Bottom of pit holds secret door to gelatinous cube nesting room.

6    1d24 fire beetle larvae.

7    1d20 rot grubs.

8    Rabid cave bear cub.

9    Landing in bottom of trap triggers release of 1d20 X 100 flesh eating ants after 1d3 rounds.

10    Secret locked false door in side of pit trap triggers release of poisonous gas upon unlocking.

11    Not a pit trap, but the open mouth of a giant, aged, toothless purple worm.

12    Bottom of pit trap contains another pit trap.

13    Trap appears to be lined with iron spikes, but this is an illusion; it's actually filled with flesh-eating acid.

14    Falling into pit trap triggers release of 1d24 rabid pit bulls elsewhere in the dungeon. Increase Wandering Monster checks to every turn for 1d24 turns.

15    At the bottom of the pit is 3' of ice cold water. It reduces falling damage by d6, but a character must make a save each round he is in the water, failure results in a loss of a point of constitution. If the character is reduced below half their constitution, hypothermia has set in. At this time the player is making save vs. 1d6 damage. Save will halve the damage.

16    Pit trap is of spongy material that is hard to puncture/ falling damage, but begin to take 1d3 acid damage each round as the pit digests you.

17    Not a pit! As soon as you fall, you find yourself walking in another corridor whose plane of gravity is perpendicular to that of the corridor you were in.

18    Pit trap was used by intelligent monsters to dispose of sewage. Reduced falling damage, but chance of disease/rot grubs. Some treasure may be lost here if you really want to dig through the feces.

19    Magic mouth at bottom of pit jeers at you for falling into pit.

20    Secret door in wall of pit (half way down if pit is deeper than 10') grants access to another area of the dungeon (perhaps a sub-level).

21    Pressure plate at bottom of pit propels you back up at high velocity, with the result that you impale yourself on the previously unnoticed ceiling spikes for 2d6 damage. Gravity takes over and you start to slide down the spikes... back towards the pit and the pressure plate, which has reset itself.

22    After you hit the bottom of the pit you notice that the walls are starting to slowly close in and the floor area is getting narrower and narrower...

23    Pressure Plate at bottom of pit propels you back out of the pit and you land 1d20 feet in a random direction on the floor (Normal damage for fall, half as much damage for getting thrown out, and it gets really funny in a big room with lots of pit traps...)

24    Pit trap is filled with soapy water. No damage from fall, but chance of drowning, and soap makes it extremely hard to grab ropes or climb walls etc.

25    The pit is not really the trap. Any pressure on the floor of the pit (which naturally has something that looks lootable on it) releases the ceiling, which is actually a 10' think slab of stone. Ouch.

26    The floor of the pit is a spring-loaded trampoline, which will launch you to the ceiling, which is coated with contact poison. No damage from the fall or softly hitting the ceiling but save or die from poison.

27    Floor of the pit rises rapidly, until it touches the ceiling. Someone who survived the fall could jump off in time. But once it gets to the ceiling the floor stays up there, blocking off the hallway permanently. (Did anyone leap, fly, or climb across the pit? Now the party is split....

28    Pit trap reverses gravity for the first PC to fall in. 1d6 damage at the bottom of the pit plus 2d6 when you hit the ceiling. Spend next 1D6 turns walking on ceiling, knocking allies helmets off with your spear, rappelling down the up staircase, and so forth.

29    Pressure plate in the center of the pit trap causes all spikes to fire upward into the ceiling, impaling anyone who's walking along the bottom or who is trying to cross above.

30    Exchanging trap at the bottom. Whoever falls into the pit trap is teleported into a holding cell, and the previous inhabitant of that cell is teleported into the pit trap. Exchange only works with living beings of at least kobold size.

31    The floor is illusory. The the real floor is another 10' down. It has Silence 10' radius permanently cast on it. The walls of this sub-basement are too smooth to climb. No one can hear you call for help, and you can't hear them calling to ask if you're ok. Oh and you can't cast spells with verbal components.

32    You drop into a metal cage, that then is transported along a conveyor sideways, up, and back sideways directly over the pit and get dropped out of the ceiling onto the trap again, that has reset itself.

33    Like another pit trap, but this one is built onto a wall, and if it's activated by searching for secret doors or touching the wall, the gravity for the offender is tilted by 90 degrees and he falls into the wall pit. Gravity effect ends as soon as he exits the trap.

34    Half way down the pit the victim seemingly vanishes into thin air. He has, in fact, been teleported back outside the entrance of the dungeon but is otherwise none the worse for wear.

35    At the bottom of the pit is a great transmutation rune. The character must make a save, failure results in a permanent polymorph...

36    Pit trap is filled to the brim with opaque mist. Maybe poisonous. Maybe just paralyzing. Maybe makes the victims voice sound suspiciously like a whiny goblin.

37    Pit trap is just a feet deep, with a warning about going father into the dungeon written on it's floor.

38    The pit trap is just an amazing painting of a pit. The character(s) will fall in and keep falling. It is not until the painting is destroyed. It is immune to magic and physical damage. To undo the magic someone will need to create their own picture on top of the pit picture. The paints do not need to be magical the canvas is. Of course whatever is drawn on the painting will happen to all those who have fallen into it.

39    A nice, soft feather mattress with warm blankets and overstuffed pillows. Totally safe. I swear.

40    Pit trap leads to a portal in which an alternate dimension exists. Everything is the same, but you are using a different game system.

41    The pit trap is actually a powerful reverse gravity zone. Those who try to jump over it slam into the ceiling.

42    The pit trap is filled with animated "helping hands" ala Labyrinth. "She chose down!"

43    The pit trap slowly fills with water. This is can swim out! But, it is hard to do without leaving armour and heavy gear behind....

44    The floor on the far side of the pit tips if over 50 lbs. is placed on it, dumping jumpers into the pit.  40' down pit widens out and contains sticky webs and Giant Spider. PC falling in will be stuck to the webs and immobile, unless makes a strength check.

45    Pit trap is 10 feet deep and filled near to the brim with rat bones.

46    At the bottom of the trap is a finger-sized roach named Samwith who knows the way to the treasure hoard. He only speaks Orcish.

47    Bottom of the trap is lined with flypaper and 4d24 giant flies in various states of decay. 25% chance 3d24 giant maggots are also feeding here.

48    Pit trap contains a giant halfling pie.

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