Audrum, Petty God of Carnivorous Plants

Name: Audrum, Petty God of Carnivorous Plants
Symbol: A venus flytrap wrapped in a vampire vine
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: NA
Armor Class: -4
Hit Points (Hit Dice):  81 (13HD +3)
Attacks: 3
Damage: 1d12 crush + 1d20 acid +1d20 acid
Save: F12
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: XXII
XP: 12,500

Audrum is a giant, sentient pitcher plant who reigns over carnivorous plants. His gigantic, bulbous frame is attended by a host of an unnamable insectoid race descended from the offspring of alien Mi-Go vistors  and dwarf neanderthals. The insectoids swab his putrid girth in their acidic saliva to protect it from rot, and Audrum allows the insectoids to crawl within his fetid orifices to feed on the rotting sacrifices held within his seventeen-chambered digestion system.

Worshiped by sentient venus flytraps, vampire vines, razor grasses, pitcher plants and other flesh-eating plant life, he is also well regarded by those creatures whose life force are tied to the Green—including dryads, wood nymphs, and other such beasts. Some sentient jellies, ochres, and slimes who don't know any better also pay him homage. Every carnivorous plant pays tribute to Audrum by offering him every third victim devoured; if pleased with the sacrifice (20% chance), Audrum teleports the unlucky victim into his stomachs, where they will be slowly savored over seventeen year, one year in each chamber of his gut. Victims usually die in the second or third year. Those devoured longer than a two years in his stomachs cannot be raised or resurrected. He can also teleport non-sacrificial near-dead, dying, and undead (including ghasts, ghouls, mummies and vampires) into his gut to feed his tremendous appetites if these creatures have physically attacked him.

The Cult of Audrum was once relatively well-known in the ancient kingdoms, but has withered to a few hundred adherents in scattered locations around the realms. The cultists are easily recognized by the blood-red doors of their greenhouses. It is rumored that a few of cultists hold the secrets to crafting the Seeds of Sowing and Salts of Despair.

Audrum is psionically connected to all uninhabited green plant life and can command and control these plants anywhere on the material plane at will. He can negate any spell cast by an Elf,  Druid, or Ranger, and he can only be attacked by magical edged weapons of +2 quality or greater. He is impervious to undead attacks, gaze attacks, and normal fire.

Audrum himself is physically immobile, but radiates a powerful, non-dispelable illusion to make it appear he is capable of movement. In order to destroy Audrum, his miles-long root system must be utterly destroyed or he will fully regenerate in 1d6 days, larger and more loathsome than before. The true location of his throne is hidden deep within a collapsed temple on an uncharted atoll in the Fair Isles, as he must live on the material plane to receive sustenance.

Audrum is a gregarious petty god who enjoys stories, songs, and bawdy jokes. He is likely to provide a boon to bards, especially if they sing the nearly-forgotten ballads “The Tale of Gerwan,” “The One True Vine My Lover Swallowed,” or “The Grave O’er Grown” within his presence (real or projected). He has the power to grant a limited wish if the wish deals with plant life of some kind.

If his true physical form is attacked, Audrum will be vigorously defended. All the sentient plant life in his lair will attack  and 1d1000 of his insectoid attendants will swarm to defend him (treat as Xorns). Audrum will also command and control all non-sentient plant life in his lair to defend himself. His own physical attacks consist of a 1d12 crushing blow of his leafy protuberences,  a 1d20 spitting acid attack (this is a direct attack), and 1d20 acidic stomach disgorgement (an area of effect attack ). There are no saves for the acid attacks. There is a 40% chance the acidic disgorgement contains one or more partly digested sacrifices; if so, then PCs in the area of affect must also Save vs. Disease or suffer a –2 to all to-hit and damage rolls due to extreme nausea.

Reaction Table (2d6)

1-2    Gregarious. Will happily engage the party and grant request and boons within reason.
3-4    Moody. Will banter with and engage the party and demand they fulfill a quest in exchange for a just reward.
5-6 Anxious. Will engage the party to do his bidding at the utmost haste for the greatest possible reward within his power.
7-8 Indifferent. Will not engage the party unless pressed.
9-10 Hungry. Will demand the sacrifice of a party member before proceeding with any parley. Can be persuaded otherwise at great cost.
11-12 Wrathful. Will attack the party if not afforded the proper respect.