Tuesday, May 21, 2013

YouTube Finds. . .

Doing a little searching on YouTube and found some gems. Don't know how long these will last (title links go to Wikipedia entries):

Hawk the Slayer


Fire & Ice (sorry, can't embed)


Cherry 2000

The Master (aka Three Evil Masters)


The Dungeonmaster

The Hobgoblin (Quest for the Mighty Sword)

(okay, this isn't a gem!)


Marc Pavone said...

What movie was it that had "The Figmen of Imagination"? Yes, they were called Figmen.

I am reminded because of Wizards.

Gorgonmilk said...

Jabberwocky is one of my favs!

mwschmeer said...

Mine too. I love how Palin plays it totally straight throughout the movie.

mwschmeer said...

Marc, that was Twice Upon a Time.

mwschmeer said...

And . . . here is Twice Upon a Time on Youtube.