Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Bookface, Part 2

Bookface (again)!

The Gold Standard from the Dragonsfoot forums.

Labyrinths of Madness by Gavin Norman of City of Iron.

Dungeons & Dragons Variant Edition, by Don Jolly. Be sure to check out his little games Gax & Vox, too! And his book, The Flapjack Canyon, free in PDF from

Options for Swords &Wizardry Complete: Psionics, by Cameron DuBeers. Also, be sure to check out his module There's Something Rotten in Riverton, which I can't get to print in booklet form.

The Cave of Nanoc, by Dylan Hartwell.

Blood Ceremony of the Voivode, by Ben Djarum.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these posts Matthew. In the last couple you've managed to come up with stuff that I hadn't come across yet. Much appreciated.

mwschmeer said...

You're welcome, David!