Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Announcement: Conan Contest Winner!

The Conan Contest was held during March and early April, with the winner promised a funked-up copy of this book:

The contest garned two entries:

The Cave of Nanoc by Dylan Hartwell aka Digital Orc

The Cave of Nanoc is a Labyrinth Lord-compatible one-shot adventure ripe with Conan references throughout, both to Ahh-nold's film version and the stories of REH. The main action has the hero donning a pair of boots that lets a PC walk upside down on the ceiling and then sends the party into a cave to battle dangerous Nanoc bats, poisonous scorpion-like Climbers, and a seductive sorceress who hides a bowel-cleansing secret (no, not the secret to bowel-cleansing, but . . . oh, nevermind). While the scenario comes off a bit jokey on first read, this truly has the potential for an early TPK if the players don't make wise decisions early on.

Bathhouse of Blood by Tedankhamen, aka Ted Bonnah.

Bathhouse of Blood is a Swords & Wizardry / Age of Conan adventure for 3-6 3rd level characters focused on the Zanadar Bathhouse its "employees". References to Hyborian geography appear in the flavor text throughout and the plot revolves around a main baddy who is cut from the same cloth as many of Conan adversaries (and I'm thinking of the Marvel comics/magazine Conan here). The adventure itself is open-ended and, depending on how the PCs play it, the party could end up definitely worse off than they started, especially if they aren't of sufficient strength when they enter the lower levels OR they get too curious about the main level.

So. . .who's the winner?

I'd love to have called it a draw. But I couldn't. So I flipped a coin; The Cave of Nanoc was heads, Bathhouse of Blood was tails.

Curse the two-faced god of coin flipping!

It came up tails.

Ted, hit me up with your mailing info @ mwschmeer AT gmail DOT com so I can ship you your prize!

And Dylan, check your email in the next day or so for a special surprise. Make sure you have a comics reader handy. I recommend Sequential on the Mac and HoneyView on Windows.


Tedankhamen said...

I thought Dylan had it - his quality and output is amazing, while I'm just scribbling to keep sane during my studies.
Quite the honour ^ cheers Matthew.

Digital Orc said...

Thanks Ted! And thanks, Matt, for hosting.