Unicorn Horns for Petty Gods

I took this assignment for the Expanded Petty Gods project.

A brief summary of the properties of various UNICORN HORNS, found in the ancient writings of Zelrak Dluog, scholar-mage, mad monk, and chaser of skirts.

BOXWOOD (Uncommon)
Alignment: Lawful
Save: Magic-User 8
XP Value: 500

These light-cream colored horns are the most common variety. Found most often on unicorns that have not reached breeding age, they have the power to attract virgins, purify water, and remove common poisons from foodstuffs. These are one of two kinds of unicorn horns that can be ground into powder. A single grain can create potable water out of a small pond, remove the rot from an animal carcass to make it suitable for eating, or neutralize the most deadly of poisons from any victual. Dluog's notes indicate the horn will only attract virgins if the user has no unchaste thoughts.

Boxwood horns can be destroyed via normal digestive processes.

IVORY (Rare)
Alignment: Lawful
Save: Magic-User 8
XP Value: 1,000

Harvested from a unicorn in rut and often confused with the BOXWOOD horn, the ivory-colored unicorn horn is a magnificent weapon when wielded in the proper manner. It can be used as a bone short sword or a short thrusting spear in combat, and when used as such delivers +4 damage.

However, its true power is subtler and more difficult to provoke. Dluog's notes indicate the ivory-colored horn of a unicorn is an attack absorber; the shock and damage of any blow directly to the horn itself is absorbed and released back at the attacker. The attacker gets no save. It does double damage in the hands of a virtuous maiden who has been unjustly violated by her attacker.

Ivory horns can be destroyed only by volcanic fire.

ONYX (Very Rare)
Alignment: Lawful
Save: Magic-User 8
XP Value: 10,000

Extremely rare and powerful, these jet-black horns are taken from the fresh corpses of female stillborn unicorns which died in utero and killed their mothers in the birthing process. Unicorns must be breech-birthed to avoid impaling their mothers, and only in extremely rare cases does this not occur.  Dluog's notes contain pages of upon pages of sketches detailing the arcane process needed to provoke a unicorn to attempt to deliver a non-breeched filly.

Onyx horns have the power to absorb magic, with an effect similar to the Dispel Magic spell. Dluog notes that this power is so strong that onyx horns will absorb magical auras from an object that is within 100 feet of its presence.

The awful power of an onyx horn can only be dampened or controlled by wrapping the horn in the wet hide of a manticore.

After 300-500 years of regular use, an onyx unicorn horn will absorb enough magic that it ceases absorbing magical auras and becomes a RAINBOW unicorn horn.

An onyx horn can only be destroyed by volcanic fire.

RAINBOW (Very Rare)
Alignment: Lawful
Save: Magic-User 12
XP Value: 20,000

The RAINBOW unicorn is the rarest of all horns, having started out as an ONYX unicorn horn and absorbed enough magic to take on magical powers itself.

Rainbow horns can only be wielded by those of Lawful alignment, and even then, rarely wielded by any other than Paladins of the highest rank within their orders.

Rainbow horns have the ability to change the alignment of any non-Lawful individual to Lawful (Save vs. Death Ray with -3 penalty). They glow in a pulsing rainbow of colors when in the presence of evil.

Additionally, they can cast Color SprayDancing Lights, Dispel Phantasm, Prismatic Sphere, Prismatic Spray, Prismatic Wall, Pyrotechnics, and Regenerate, up to 2 times per day per spell if the wielder is of the appropriate level to cast such spell (casters do not need to be of the appropriate class).

Dluog notes that the normal working life of rainbow horns vary greatly. Roll 1d30  to determine how many years of use the horn may contain.

A rainbow horn can only be destroyed by a divine being.

Alignment: Lawful
Save: Magic-User 8
XP Value: 5,000

SILVER unicorn horns are thin, reedy horns molted from pregnant unicorn mares during their first three weeks of pregnancy. In most cases, these horns are then consumed by the mare. Dluog 's essay on unicorn life cycles has an extremely long footnote about this that no one has fully transcribed.

Silver horns are highly prized for their medicinal value. Like BOXWOOD horns, they can neutralize poison and purify water, and can be ground into powder to add to foodstuffs to accomplish these effects. When boiled with chamomile and lavender,  shavings from these horns create a strong infusion that, when imbibed, can remove blindness and restore deafness. Silver horns can also cure paralysis or stave off the spread of bodily diseases if inhaled in powdered form.

Finally, a fully intact silver horn has the power to Cure Major Wounds or Regenerate (if placed inside the wound) or Resurrect (if placed in the deceased's mouth) within the normal spell parameters. The horns dissolve in the process and cannot be reused.

Silver unicorn horns can be destroyed by normal digestive processes, bodily absorption, or intense fire.