The Three Stone Heads of Jergen Groot

The Three Stone Heads of Jergen Groot
Alignment: Lawful
Save: Magic-User 12
XP Value: 7,000

Jergen Groot was a simple man who wanted nothing more than a simple life. All his life he had done what he was told: first by his parents, then by his vicar, then by his wife. From sunup to sundown he tended his goats, plowed his fields, smoked his pipe, and slept the sleep of the just. He lived a dull but happy life for 52 years.

In his 53rd year, a local baron (in truth a wealthy adventurer recently given leave to create a barony out in the hinterlands) arrived one night to conscript all able-bodied men in the village to defend his keep against a horde of foreign invaders. Having never lifted a weapon beyond a fire poker (and then even only in jest) and having never even seen the baron, let alone known how to address one, Jergen stepped forward and asked why the men of the village should fight for the baron when clearly the baron had done nothing but demand taxes that the villagers paid with nothing to show for it.

The baron cut off Jergen's head with one swipe of his blade.

The Jale God saw this act, and out of amusement caused another head to reappear on Jergen's shoulders.

Shocked, the baron cut off this head, too.

And the Jale God repeated his trick.

Believing this to be the work of necromancers in his midst, the baron had Jergen and all his relations drawn and quartered. Then he himself cut off Jergen's head yet one more time. He demanded his henchmen burn Jergen's body and the three heads in a roaring bonfire in the village green. The fire quickly grew out of control and burned the entire village and the surrounding wilderness to the ground.

The Jale God laughed.

And the three heads of Jergen Groot survived the flames, having turned to stone in the wash of flames.

The Jale God kept the three heads of Jergen Groot for many years. Then, he lost them in a bet with another minor god, who in turn lost them in a bet with another, and so on and so on until they found their way back into the world, lost to the ages.

It is rumored that the first head of Jergen Groot can give the gift of True Seeing to those who place a tear upon one of its cheeks.

It is said the second head of Jergen Groot can grant those who place a garland of daisies on its brow the courage of 10 men, the strength of 5 men, and the luck of the devil himself.

It is said the third head of Jergen Groot will turn the hand that touches it to stone.

Where the first head goes, the others follow. He who possesses all three heads of Jergen Groot has a 5% chance of receiving a visit from the Jale God himself, who will attempt to win them back.