The 12 Eidolons

THE EIDOLONS are twelve (12) radiantly magical, ancient stone figures which impart specific, spell-like effects on those in their presence. The exact origins of the Eidolons have been lost to the ravages of time, but they are rumored to have been crafted by a cabal of petty godlings as gifts to their most beloved worshippers. If all twelve Eidolons are gathered together, they can be used to bind a single godling to the material plane by removing its immortality.

All Eidolons are statues carved from highly polished marble that are approximately one-and-a-half feet tall and weigh 15-20 pounds. The effects of Eidolons cannot be dispelled by magical means unless otherwise noted.

Exquisitely crafted from dark, amber-colored stone, this Wyvern figure radiates energy of pure fear. Anyone coming within a 30' radius of its presences will run away, hysterical, at full running movement for 20 rounds. PCs with a CON of 15 or higher may make a Save vs. Fear based on their CON score; success means they can rally their courage and proceed unaffected. This Eidolon currently resides in an evil cultists temple.

This highly detailed serpentine statue is a realistic representation of a Spitting Cobra, carved from a block of red-veined black marble. The statue imparts a 20' foot radius of overpowering hate, so much so that any PC that enters the area of effect will become despondent with self-hatred and suffer as if under a Feeblemind spell if they fail a Save vs. Spell with a -5 penalty. This statue currently resides in the treasury vault of a keep that has fallen to ruin.

Currently residing in the nursery wing of the castle of the Goblin King, this chalk-colored marble statue of a cat in repose makes anyone who comes within a 25' radius fall asleep within 2 turns. PCs get no save, but this effect can be delayed for an additional turn by imbibing a potion of wakefulness.

A dusty pink dragonfly, this Eidolon is currently on display in the private chapel in the home of a wealthy noble family. It radiates one of three effects that last three times as long as the normal spell descriptions (roll 1d6):

1-2 Color Spray
3-4 Dancing Lights
5-6 Hypnotic Pattern

PCs with CON scores of 13 or higher may attempt to Save vs. Spell to avert the effect.

Made of highly polished green marble flecked with golden highlights, this rough carving of a fox terrier infuses the air with a 15' radius of jealous rage. PCs entering the area of effect must Save vs. Spell or will become envious of their friends, covet the possessions of others, begrudge the good fortunes of their fellow adventurers, etc. This effect will last for three days after moving out of the area of effect. During this time, they will act rashly on at least one of their feelings of discontent. The whereabouts of this Eidolon are unknown.

This lion carved from purple marble is located in a collapsed dungeon. A 50'-long cone of arrogance emanates from this statue, bathing all intelligent and semi-intelligent creatures with excessively high feelings of their abilities and achievements. PCs must Save vs. Spell; failure means the affected gain a +4 bonus to all feats of strength or displays of dexterity. This effect lasts for 1d4 days. Then they suffer a -4 to feats of strength or dexterity for 1d4 days.

Carved from a rare chunk of blue-black marble, this bull-shaped Eidolon creates unrestrained and promiscuous sexuality in all who come within a 10' radius. PCs coming within the area of effect will immediately become violently aroused and attempt intercourse as quickly and frequently as physically possible with any sentient being available. No pregnancies will result from this compelled coupling, and none of the PCs will remember having committed these acts. PCs with CHA scores of 10 or lower may Save vs. Spell to avoid these effects.

Shaped to resemble a snarling bear standing to attack, this rough-hewn hunk of black-flecked red stone creates an overpowering sense of anger in all who come within a 10' radius. PCs caught in the area of effect become belligerent and indignant, and work themselves into a berzerker rage, gaining a +2 on melee attacks and doing twice the normal damage for 1d4 rounds per PC level. The PC will have no memory of flying into a rage or of the battle. This statue is currently housed in a shaman's hut in a remote region of the wilderness. Eating a compote of mint leaves, black currants, and juniper berries can negate the effect.

Nimis, a petty god of overindulgence, created this pig-shaped, orange-colored Eidolon for his favorite prostitute. The stone imparts an insatiable desire for food and drink in a 30' radius, and affected PCs will be able to eat and imbibe to no ill effect for as long as they are in the stone's presence. They will feel no urge to void bladder or bowel, they will not vomit, they will not get excessively drunk but only feel a nice, happy numbness from any alcohol ingested. However, once moving out of the area of effect, the PCs will immediately feel the results of their carousing and suffer a -4 to all melee attacks, saves, and checks for 2 days. The stone is rumored to be housed at Gladinia's House of Unspeakable Pleasures.

This pale-yellow image of a croaking frog has been passed from thieves guild to thieves guild over the centuries, as each has gotten rich in turn. It is often displayed near a secret entrance, and it is customary for thieves to rub its highly-shined vocal sac for luck. Touching the statue in this way imparts a +5% to all checks of a thief's abilities for 1/2 day. Additionally, this Eidolon radiates an aura of greed, imparting those within 10' of its presence an overwhelming desire to possess wealth. Thieves guilds will send this Eidolon to guilds which have fallen on hard times, thereby bolstering the brotherhood of thieves throughout the realms.

Imparting a 25' radius of fatigue, this goat-shaped azure stone makes those in its presence fall into a state of languor. PCs fall into a state of pleasant physical weakness and lose interest in actively pursuing their previous activities for 1d4 days. While in the stone's presence they are also unable to perform melee attacks, but can parry attacks at a -4 penalty. Listless PCs are extremely difficult to get interested in doing anything other than philosophizing about the meaning of life. PCs with INT above 15 can Save vs. Spell to avoid these effects. The statue is currently buried in the waste pile of a medium-sized city.

On a failure of a Save vs. Spell, those in the presence of the Eidolon of Vainglory can't help loudly boasting about their deeds and those of their friends and acquaintances in the most heroic of ways. Carved from a slab of royal purple marble to resemble an elk stag at the height of the rutting season, it was rumored this was a gift to the founder of the Skaldic Guild himself. The statue emits a 10' radius of prideful energy that creates an effervescent feeling of vanity and a high-sense of self-worth. On a failure of a Save vs. Spell, those in the presence of the Eidolon of Vainglory can't help boasting about their deeds and those of their friends and acquaintances in the most heroic of ways. They also gain a +3 to all CHA-based rolls, and spell-casters regain any previously spent spells. All effects wear off after a day. Some say it's currently hidden away at the Bardic Academy for Minor Poets; others say it's behind the bar at the Wrinkled Tit.


Greg Gorgonmilk said…
These are BADASS, Matt! Great job.

I'm pretty sure one of the patrons of the Wrinkled Tit stole the Eidolon of Vainglory from the Bardic Academy on a dare.
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Gorgonmilk: glad you like them!