Tuesday, April 23, 2013

S&WAD Update

Cool news!

I learned today I won two contests associated with Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day.

First, I won one of Reverend Dak's firearms supplements for Swords & Wizardry.

Second, I won Matt Jackson's "Name the Tomb" Contest with this entry:

The Tomb of Hargoth

Hargoth was the first Owlbear. A beloved pet of Ur-mu "the Bastard" Ab'rkada, Hargoth was the most successful construct ever created and the first to be bred successfully (with a bear) to produce further progeny. Hargoth was a beloved member of Ur-mu's retinue and often roamed the small labyrinth beneath Ur-mu's tower. When Hargoth died (due to natural causes—he suffered from what we now call psittacine beak and feather disease), Ur-mu built a grand tomb near Hargoth's favorite haunt for his perpetual enshrinement. Ur-mu placed an eternal flame atop Hargoth's sarcophagus in tribute to the owlbear's devoted years of service as guard, companion, and fellow traveller of the wastes.

This was centuries ago. Nothing remains of the tower. Its wooden supports decayed under the elements, its bricks turned to dust or were scavenged by settlers, and the labyrinth lost to memory . . .until now. The entrance to Ur-mu's underground complex was recently discovered by a shepherd boy chasing after a stray goat. He crawled through enough debris to locate barred doors too heavy for him to open. He has reported this discovery to his father, who reported to the steward of the flocks, who reported it to his lord and master, who wonders what lies beneath the hills in that far corner of his barony.

Thanks, guys!


Tim Shorts said...

Smoke'n. Congrats on the win and win.

Porky said...

Congratulations! You're on fire at the moment, outstandingly productive.

dave baymiller (baran_i_kanu, DaveB) said...