Pherosathoola, Petty Goddess of Sexual Fear

Name: Pherosathoola, Petty Goddess of Sexual Fear
Symbol: Vagina dentate encircled by a snake
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 0
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 56 (10 HD)
# Attacks: 1 crush / 2 claw / Special
Damage: 1d10 / 2d6 x 2 / 2d4 + special
Save: F10
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: none on self; XX in nest.
XP: 3, 100

Pherosathoola has the torso and upper limbs of a beautiful human female, while her trunk is that of a large white snake. She is approximately 20 feet long from head to tail. Her head is a tangled, writhing mass of 12 venomous red snakes. Each snake imparts a distinct poisonous effect.

Pherosathoola was originally a rusalka who practiced daily devotions to the Great Goddess in an attempt to ascend to immortality. She accidentally swallowed the fertilized eggs of a golden goose and gained a millennium's worth of mild magical powers, including the ability to assume human form, but as she was tied to her pond, she could not wander.

One year she lusted after a young shepherd who stopped to quench himself from the waters of her pond every day. Her longing grew so great that she rose from the waters in her human form and seduced the young man. Unbeknownst to Pherosathoola, this shepherd was favored by Curdle, the Petty Goddess of Blind Milkmaids, as he tended the sheep for the Order of Amelkin which was devoted to her worship. In her rage, Curdle appealed to the greater gods to mete out a divine punishment. An unknown god responded to her plea and turned Pherosathoola into her current form, punishing her for her lustful ways by ascending her to some of the most baleful duties in all of petty godhood: birthing succubi & incubi.

Anyone who meets Pherosathoola's gaze will find themselves afraid to engage in sexual intercourse with anyone but her for 1d4 months. She can dispel this effect at will. Her visits to victims come as they are asleep, and victims believe they dreamed of the tryst when it indeed took place.

She will have sex with both males and females, transferring sperm from human males into human females and thus impregnating them; the resulting child will always be an incubus.

She also impregnates herself with the seed of the males she lays with, resulting in clutches of 10–50 eggs every 2 weeks. Incubated in their underground nests, these eggs hatch and the offspring are always succubi. Succubi hatchlings do not breath or have a pulse until they are seven days old. She will vigorously defend her nest from intruders.

Anyone who lays eyes on Pherosathoola must Save vs. Spell or be Charmed; this effect wears off only with a Blessing from a cleric of 12th level or higher. She herself can dispel this effect at will.

Pherosathoola has several attacks. She can crush a victim with her powerful, constrictor-like coils (1d10) she can can claw with her razor-sharp iron nails (2d6/2d6), and 1 snake in her hair can bite (2d4 + special). Each venomous snake on her head has different damage and effects; see the table below (Save vs. Poison or suffer effect).

Snake Bite Effects

1. Carcass Scavenger poison: paralyzed for 2d4 turns
2. Giant Centipede poison: become overwhelming sick and move at half normal movement for 10 days.
3. Sea Dragon poison: instant death.
4. Dart frog poison: fall into death-like coma. 1 in 6 chance fellow adventurers believe PC is dead and proceed with funeral rites.
5. Subterranean Locust poison: become incapacitated for 1 turn.
6. Lust potion: immediately attempt to engage in sexual intercourse with Pherosathoola.
7. Acid: suffer 1d8 acid damage.
8. Spitting Cobra poison: blinded until cure blindness spell administered by caster of victim's level or higher.
9. Love potion: become enamored with random party member and attempt to woo him/her. Effects only dispelled after sexual congress with that heartthrob.
10. Fear potion: run away hysterically screaming as if turned undead for 1d12 turns.
11. Giant Spider poison: suffer uncontrollable spasms for 5 turns, then suffer paralysis until Blessed by a cleric of 12th level or higher.
12. Sea Snake poison: instant death.

Anyone killed by one of Pherosathoola's snakes will be used to feed her most recent brood of hatchling succubi.

Pherosathoola currently has no clerics, as their chief duty is to mate with her once a day.


2 Friendly: Will openly greet players and be helpful. She will not use her natural Charm to ill effect and will direct her succubi children to leave the adventurers alone.
3–5 Indifferent: Will not show herself, but will not run if discovered or engaged. Will not dispel her natural Charm, but will not use it to her advantage.
6-8 Neutral: Ignores PCs; will not engage even if approached, preferring to vanish back to the godling plane.
9-11 Unfriendly: Will use natural Charm to her advantage and attempt to mate with as many PCs as possible.
12 Hostile: Attacks nearby targets.


That is cool. Looking forward to this book.
Matthew Schmeer said…
Glad you like it, Tim! I updated the stat block for errors (stat block are my downfall).
Unknown said…
Yes that's excellent! You had me at "transferring sperm".
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Logan: Stole that bit from Wikipedia entry for the cambion! Glad you like the entire concept!
Unknown said…
Hahaha that's great, I still need to find time to read my copy of Malleus Malleficarim. My quick skim when it arrived revealed wonderful headings such as "Is it true a witch can make your penis disappear?"
Unknown said…
Thanks for the share. Great stuff, just nice!

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