Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Petty Foods of the Petty Gods!


When a petty godling gets a hankering, what does he/she eat? This important question will be addressed in an appendix to PETTY GODS. Please forward all your ideas (a title and a paragraph or two is all that's really required) to me, the Chief Culinary Editor:

mwschmeer AT gmail DOT com 

Based on a suggestion I made on a post, Greg asked me to gather and collate the Food of the Gods entries. While you're here, download the WEIRD DRAFTS and the GOBLIN MARKET pdfs to check out the kinds of submissions that bang our gongs.

EDIT: Obviously, you can leave your submission in the comments, too!

EDIT 2: I've set up a Google Doc spreadsheet so you can see what has been submitted so far. I'll update this as entries come in. Please note you can't edit the file, but have to submit your entry to me at the address above.

EDIT 3: You might also want to hunt down Nectar and Ambrosia: An Encyclopedia of Food In World Mythology, by Tamra Andrews. This is a fantastic reference work.