Petty Foods of the Petty Gods!


When a petty godling gets a hankering, what does he/she eat? This important question will be addressed in an appendix to PETTY GODS. Please forward all your ideas (a title and a paragraph or two is all that's really required) to me, the Chief Culinary Editor:

mwschmeer AT gmail DOT com 

Based on a suggestion I made on a post, Greg asked me to gather and collate the Food of the Gods entries. While you're here, download the WEIRD DRAFTS and the GOBLIN MARKET pdfs to check out the kinds of submissions that bang our gongs.

EDIT: Obviously, you can leave your submission in the comments, too!

EDIT 2: I've set up a Google Doc spreadsheet so you can see what has been submitted so far. I'll update this as entries come in. Please note you can't edit the file, but have to submit your entry to me at the address above.

EDIT 3: You might also want to hunt down Nectar and Ambrosia: An Encyclopedia of Food In World Mythology, by Tamra Andrews. This is a fantastic reference work.


cturnitsa said…
Arsl bread. Arsl bread is made from the powdered remains of sundried Arsl snails, mixed in with some acorn powder and a few more mundane ingredients. It is a type of loaf made by surface dwarves when they are going underground. Eating a serving of the bread renders the recipient immune to the effects of green slime for 12 hours. Unfortunately, the Arsl snail is also often a common ingredient in Silence potions, and the side effect of the bread is that the recipient cannot talk for the same 12 hours.
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Chuck: Great! I'll add it to the spreadsheet. How do you want to be credited?
Machpants said…
God's Teeth. This white rock, normally the size of a fist, is found only in the deepest parts of the underworld. Possibly due to connections with the lands of the dead, God's Teeth can be used to make a terrible potion. A brave or foolhardy alchemist willing to work with the stone would have to be found, as the process is dangerous and time consuming. Any accidental ingestion of the God's Tooth, which is required to be powdered in the process, will result in mutations, madness or even death. Once prepared and drunk, the imbiber becomes wraithlike, gaining the defences and attacks of a wraith. When the potion begins to wear off a successful save is required or the imbiber becomes a wraith permanently. Beings of divine power are not affected by consuming a God's Tooth but they often find them tasty!
Machpants said…
Oil of Obatala. This oil is similar in appearance and taste to virgin olive oil, but even better for your cholesterol levels ... assuming you are a Petty God! Of unknown and ancient origin this oil is found in the oldest of ruins and catacombs, ancient temples and crypts. Usually stored in elaborate brass or stone urns, Oil of Obatala is easily identified as the oil and it's container is warm to the touch. The oil can be used to cook the head of a creature, or as a condiment in the consumption of one. A divine being that does so gains irrevocable possession of the consumed creatures soul which can be used as the divine being desires (consuming it for power or using it for reincarnation). However a mortal creature takes 5d12 damage as the oil burns him from within. If he survives he rolls a 1d10 and consults the table below:
1-2 No further effect.
3-4 Gains the consumed creatures alignment.
5-6 Gains 100XP per level/HD of the consumed creature.
7-8 Gains one special ability or spell of the consumed creature at the Referee's discretion.
9-10 Becomes that creature in all respects with his own soul forever lost.
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Scott: Thanks again!
Ynas Midgard said…
Walnuts of the Agrapax Tree
During the magical autumn in the land of fairies, the Agrapax tree bears exactly thirteen walnuts, each the size of a grapefruit. The seed of such fruits carries the blessing of [DEITY ASSOCIATED WITH WISDOM OR FAIRIES], and its consumer gains knowledge about locales or items he seeks the most. Cracking the walnut's shell, however, releases nightmarish sounds that terrify mortals and urges them to crack each other's skull instead.
Dungeon Lord said…
Great blog!
Petty gods foods news?
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Dungeon Lord: You'd have to check with Gorgonmilk on that one: