Hymenphalia, Petty Godling of Hermaphroditic Fertility

Name: Hymenphalia, Petty Godling of Hermaphroditic Fertility
Symbol: An apple blossom encircled by string of pearls OR two snails engaged in copulation
Alignment: Lawful
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 0
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 60 (10 HD)
# AT: 1
Damage:  1d8 or 2d8
Save: C12
Morale: 2
Hoard Class: VI
XP: 3,100

Hymenphalia, once the reigning godling of the third sex, is now a bitter husk, banished from the world by the curse of a rival petty goddess and rendered sterile by the lack of worshipers for thousands of years.

Once, the cult of Hymenphalia had temples in every trading town, major port, and city-state. The major cities of most empires in the realms were host to the annual Spring Rites wherein the three sexes gathered in the fields to copulate in orgiastic ecstasy and ensure the harvest. The three genders lived in harmony, protected by the various gods of the six carnal loves.

Then Pherosathoola, Petty Goddess of Sexual Fear, gained in power and Hymenphalia's worshipers began to die. Rumors that succubi and incubi were the children of hermaphrodites spread amongst the populations. Whispers of the evils of the intersex were spread among men and women, and hermaphrodites were banished, persecuted, tortured, murdered. Hermaphrodites born to women were killed at birth, and women who bore such children were themselves sometimes killed. The third gender nearly disappeared through this genocide, Pherosathoola growing stronger all the while.

Of the gods of the six carnal loves, only three still have influence, and two of those are weak but regaining power. Hymenphalia is not one of them.

Hymenphalia is a peaceful godling yet longs for Pherosathoola's destruction. The Jale God favors this godling with boons from time to time. By his decree one out of every 5,000 souls borne to earth is a hermaphrodite, but as Pherosathoola's powers are so great,  intersex who survive birth must live in hiding, blending into a world that is blind to their suffering.

Hymenphalia is weak and has limited powers. Hermaphrodites may seek a Blessing which will grant a +3 to all melee attacks, but the spell's effect will not last longer than a week at most. Those who build a small shrine in Hymenphalia's honor will earn the favor of the Jale God and be rewarded in some way by one his aspects. Those adventures whom Hymenphalia encounters that have persecuted hermaphrodites (or worse) will be Cursed instead; the Jale God does not generally interfere when this occurs.

Hymenphalia will attack only if there is no other option, wielding a large spear (1d8) or a double-edged bastard sword (2d8).

Reaction Table (1d4)

1. Friendly: Will grant a Blessing.
2. Indifferent: Will ignore party.
3. Morose: Will openly weep and seek solace from the Jale God.
4. Enraged: Will Curse party.