Monday, April 8, 2013

Conan Contest Now Closed

Well. That was a disappointment.

Having extended the deadline by another week, I received only ONE additional entry. If you entered, there's a 50% chance you will win—talk about great odds!

My little blog is obviously not a hot-spot for contest activity. I wish I had the clout of Erik over at Tenkar's Tavern, who has companies ponying up prizes left and right every time he coughs.

So. The contest is between Dylan Hartwell's  "The Cave of Nanoc" and Ted Bonnah's "The Bathhouse of Blood".

This is going to be a tough decision. I will announce the winner sometime later this week.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take it too personally.

Your contest is running at the same time of some high profile things like the Petty Gods project, the OPD is coming up, and notice that some of the 'contests' on other blogs ask very little, like 'leave a comment' or 'post about S&W in a couple weeks'. Versus: "write an adventure on this theme"!

I would have jumped at this contest, but I'm already working on three articles for a zine, pondering a OPD, and trying to generate content for an ongoing weekly game, not to mention neglecting my own blog, and *all* this stuff is losing the battle for time with work/family/etc.!

mwschmeer said...

Yeah, but I'm heavily involved with Petty Gods. I was hoping some of that ju-ju would rub off and endow this little blog with a bit more cachet.

But I hear you loud and clear on the time constraint thing. But considering I posted the original call at the beginning of March, I was still a bit disappointed.

Ynas Midgard said...

Dammit, I just heard about the contest - and it's closed... Anyhow... If I end up with a Conan-esque adventure, I will surely send it to you.