The Dagger of Fairness

An Item for the Divine Items Appendix.

The Dagger Fairness (Unique)
Alignment: Chaotic Lawful
XP Value: 3,000

Fairness is a +3 dagger owned by Verthish, the Petty God of Single Pips, who himself is a manifestation of the Jale God.

Fairness was created from the scavenged remains of a finger joint from the giant iron golem which housed the brain of the wizard Wälläkatüntün before the wizard's final destruction by Ywehbobbobhewy, Lord of Waters, King of Mirrors, Patriarch of the Most Profound, at the Battle of the Waters of Kirkadi.

Due to Wälläkatüntün's lifelong dedication to the study of inter-dimensional dice probability and alchemical mechanics, the Jale God commanded the creation of Fairness in tribute. Because the laws of probability are immutable, Fairness dispenses an additional +3 against cheaters at dice games.

After 1d4 weeks out of Verthish's possession, the weapon loses its magical ability and becomes a normal dagger. It can regain its abilities if/when it is retrieved by Verthish.