The Balanced Quarterstaff

An Item for the Divine Items Appendix.

The Balanced Quarterstaff (Unique)
Alignment: Chaotic Lawful
XP Value: 9,000

Balanced is a +3 quasi-intelligent bonewood quarterstaff belonging to Verthish, the Petty God of Single Pips, who himself is a manifestation of the Jale God.

The staff itself is carved from a stout, 8-foot-long branch of bonewood harvested from the tree of the hamadryad Phersenia in the forest of Bulahdelah. Eons ago in his youth, the Jale God became enamored with Phersenia. As she was bound by the laws of the gods to her tree, he knew they could never rule together. As a token of his esteem, he sent his protection over her forest until her death during the Flame Wars of Jubrini. He created the staff from the remains of her tree in remembrance of her beauty and her desire to "see the world beyond the green."

The staff now houses the only remaining slice of the soul of the wizard Wälläkatüntün, collected from the battlefield by the Jale God centuries after the Battle of the Waters of Kirkadi at the conclusion of the Flame Wars of Jubrini. It was Wälläkatüntün who convinced the Jale God to manifest as the Petty God of Single Pips.

Once per day, Balanced can cast The Curse of the Jale God, Im Ra Jash, at a target of its own choosing. The staff is wily and erratic and will often choose an unlikely target at an unlikely time, but the victim is always someone who deserves it.

After 1d4 weeks out of Verthish's possession, the weapon loses its magical ability and acts as normal quarterstaff and Wälläkatüntün's soul slice will become dormant until the staff is retrieved by Verthish.

If the Jale God himself is utterly destroyed, Wälläkatüntün's soul slice will exit the staff and invade the nearest magic user or cleric, who must Save vs. Insanity or be symbiotically joined. The magic user or cleric gains 1 additional level-appropriate spell, but control of its casting is controlled by Wälläkatüntün's soul slice. There is a 1% chance per day that the spell will be cast, again usually at an inopportune moment.