Petty Goddess: Curdle, Petty Goddess of Blind Milk Maids

Name: Curdle, Petty Goddess of Blind Milk Maids
Symbol: A three-legged milking stool
Alignment: Chaotic (good)
Movement: 30’ (15’)
Armor Class: -1
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 8 + 7
Attacks: 1 whip + Special
Damage: 1d6 + 2d6 fire damage (+ special; see description)
Save: F7
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: XXII
XP: 1, 820

Curdle, the Petty Goddess of Blind Milk Maids, appears as a young blind and mute girl wearing a purple skirt leading an emaciated cow which has open, dripping ulcers visible on its face and flanks. The girl is tragically beautiful, her eyeless sockets scarred and her face pock-marked with acne sores, her nostril hair in need of a trim, and her hair in desperate need of a de-burring. She calls the cow “Cowie” (in sign) and they are a symbiotic pair.

Curdle and Cowie will appear only to those parties with pack animals among their ranks, and then only once per year will they appear on the material plane. The pair tend to appear at dusk near a forest’s edge while travelers make camp. They will wander into camp as if having come over some nearby hillock, and the girl will produce a milking stool from beneath her skirts, sit down, and begin to milk the cow. She does not catch the milk in a pail, but allows the fluid that emerges to fall on the ground. The "milk" is a thick, inky-black substance that writhes on the ground and smokes (but does not burst into flame).

Anyone touching this liquid as it twists on the ground will experience 2d6 of burning damage. Any character attempting to drink this "milk" before it hits the ground must make a Save vs. Sanity. Failure means the character removes all armor and weapons and runs away screaming gibberish for 1d6 rounds (which might attract nearby monsters).

Should the character make a successful save while attempting to drink this liquid, the black milk of Curdle’s cow will allow the character to go 1d8 days without rations and also allows them to heal at twice the normal rate during that time period.

Should Curdle and/or Cowie be attacked, they will first attempt to flee into the nearby open pasture in order to  teleport back to their plane of existence. If they are forced to attack, Curdle will attack as a standard order demon, using the inky black “milk” as a whip and her milk stool as a shield. Any successful hit with the whip does normal 1d6 damage plus 2d6 fire damage. Cowie will attack with a head-butt or rear-legged kick, doing 1d6 damage. Curdle and Cowie will take turns attacking.

Curdle is most pleased with an offering of a cup of real milk from a cow, goat, or horse, and there is a 30% chance she will kiss the eyes of any single adventurer who offers her such. Her kiss acts as a spell of True Seeing that lasts for 1d6 weeks.