Another Bookface Installment

DCC RPG Reference Sheets + awesome cover by Rev. Dak, from People Them With Monsters.

People Them With Monsters' houserules for DCC RPG: Outland Player's Reference Booklet. This one needs a cool cover. Gorgonmilk, get on it STAT!

Another set of houserules, this time for Swords & Wizardry. Runes & Radiations [Edited], by Roberto Pacini. Originally found on this thread at the ODD74 forums.

Dragons of the North, by Paul Elliot, another houserules document, this time for Basic D&D. Originally found in this post on


Greg Gorgonmilk said…
All of these are new to me, Matt. Thanks for the links!
Hamel™ said…
Glad to see my wacky House Rules. ^_^