Thursday, February 7, 2013

Years From Now We'll Look Back and Say . . .

Edition wars? Hell, boys, I'm a veteran of the OSR war. Yup, when the alliance broke apart and the fractions fractured, it was every man for himself, and many folks rallied 'round the Gygaxian Guerrillas to hold the high ground while the Gonzo Grognards fought it out with the Coastal Revisionists for small press supremacy. It wasn't pretty boys, it wasn't pretty. Lots of dead links, deleted sites, and bitmapped gifs gave their digital lives in the name of freedom, a freedom many of us had forgotten we already earned back in the Homebrew Wars of the 1980s.

Eh? What freedom? The freedom to choose. The freedom to create. The freedom to share our own creations.

We don't play D&D. We play D&D. Most gamers always have.