Sunday, February 24, 2013

Midwestern Snowpocalypse: Bookface Delayed

So we got a shit-ton of snow in the KC area this past weekend--enough that my kids' school was cancelled and my college shut down for two days. And it appears that Mother Nature isn't done with the nation's breadbasket. We are expecting another 10 inches of snow on top of the 13 inches that dropped from the heavens this past Thursday night/Friday morning. This coming Monday night and Tuesday look like the mostly likely time for the white stuff to happen again.

My kids have been loving the days off--any time they get an unexpected four-day weekend is a good thing in their eyes. They spent two days making awesome snow forts in the front yard and sledding down our hill. My back is killing me from shoveling all that snow off the driveway and sidewalks. My wife enjoys having us home but is also annoyed when we get in her way (the constant opening and closing of the fridge is especially grating).

I haven't had time for much game or zine-related stuff this weekend. I've spent the afternoons of the past four days grading around 80 student papers. And I'm not done yet (sigh....). I was hoping to get around to working on a few of the projects that are embarrassingly overdue, but dadhood and professorhood come first.

I did take note that Dak Ultimak started a new G+ community for RPG Zines. Alas, I am not a G+ member and have no desire to join yet another social networking platform, but I will be keeping tabs on developments over there. There's been lots of good discussion so far on what it takes to make and keep a zine going.

I also received a few neat goodies in the mail last week, but I don't have a webcam at home so I can show them off. They will have to wait until I'm back in the office this week. Bookface is sad.

That said, if you want Bookface to feature your stuff, hit me up at my email address (mwschmeer atty-at geemail dotty-dot com) and I'll send you my mailing address so you can send me a copy to hold up and hide behind. Yes, this is me trying to finagle free schwag while I pimp your Old Schoolish RPG stuff. I'm especially partial to zines and modules . . .

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