Man, I Almost Forgot . . .

. . . two of the other reasons I don't need I can't believe I forgot these last week!

Vornheim: The Complete City Kit. By that Zak guy. His Alice thing is going to rock.

And then there is this:

Yeah, this oldie but goodie. Probably the best introduction to Old School D&D short of Matt Finch's Quick Primer for Old School Gaming.

There's a thorough review of this little vintage paperback over at Fighting Fantasist.

You can still grab a copy for $0.01 + shipping from Seriously, you need to read it.

And yes, that is a Gammarauders game on the shelf behind me. And a metal Star Wars lunchbox (not vintage, but still). And a giant d20. And those car pictures on the file cabinet in the back? My kids made those with Little Van Goes. And those trophies? Those are my "Best Player" awards from KantCon events (long live Olaf "Ratbait" Scrapstone, Dwarven King of the Troglodytes!).

Yes, it is true. I. Am. A. Geek. Was there ever any doubt?


Dak Ultimak said…
Ok, I already have (and love) Vornheim, but you sold me on "What is D&D"... $4, shipped.
mwschmeer said…
@Dak: You won't regret it!
Tim Shorts said…
Hmm, I don't know. That man with many books faces is spooky.
mwschmeer said…
@Tim: Yeah, you gotta watch out for Bookface!
Tim Snider said…
I just pulled the trigger on What is D&D as well.