Thursday, February 28, 2013

Look What Came in the Mail Last Week!

I tried to line this up so I looked a bit like Skeletor.

 The Manor #3, by the most excellent Tim Shorts. I will honestly say I do not remember ordering this, so either I have a faulty memory, Tim made a mistake, or Tim comped me an issue. At any rate, this is a most excellent issue. The Mine of Rot & Disease is a great low-level one-shot adventure for Swords & Wizardry that focuses on a small villlage and the strange goings on in a local mine. I dig the old school aesthetic of the art. Here's what I mean:

Beware the Legless Skeleton of Death!

There is also a nice write-up of a Goblin NPC merchant & his wares, and another article detailing a new class for John Stater's Blood & Treasure RPG.

For a great in-depth review, go over here to Tenkar's Tavern or here, to Tabletop Diversions.

Why lookee here! It's CRAWL!zine #6! This issue is devoted to new Character Classes for the DCC RPG.  You get complete write-ups for the Bard, the Gnome, the Paladin, and the Ranger, plus a new spell and a write-up of expanded thief options. I heartily recommend a subscription to this fine zine.