Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WTF Internet Archive!?!

EDIT #4: Folks, you might also want to take a gander at all my posts on this by clicking here.

An eagle-eyed poster on the ODD74 forums spotted an interesting find on the Internet Archive: all 19 issues of Ares Magazine.

After some digging on the site, I also found the archives of the following:

Dragon - 384 issues!

Polyhedron - 145 issues!

The Space-Gamer - 75 issues!

EDIT: above links removed, as these are no longer available for public access.

In the non-gaming category we have:

CRAZY, Marvel's attempt at a Mad Magazine knock-off - 91 issues!

Galaxy Magazine, the classic magazine of American science fiction - 104 issues!

Starlog Magazine - 208 issues!

Holy crap! How can these even be legal?

Edit 1: Some of these files have been siting on the archive for about a month and a half. Check out the "this just in" box at the bottom of the Polyhedron link above for example.

Is this the work of a pirate, uploading a torrent to the site? I don't know. Many of the files are available in PDF, OCRed PDF, epub, and other formats. This kinda look official, but also kinda doesn't. What do you think?

Edit 2: Obviously, if these links turn out to be illegal and the files are removed from the Internet Archive, I will remove these links and the links on any subsequent post about these magazines, as I do not want to link to pirated material.

That said, the Internet Archive is recognized as a non-profit library by the state of California and is a member of the American Library Association, so these materials might be perfectly legal.

Edit 3: According to the XML files located in each of the directories for the individual files, these were uploaded by someone using the email address "".