Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Okay, I'm Done For Today

Jack Shear's 13 Flavors of Fear, here. The World of Thundarr the Barbarian sourcebook, from The Savage Afterworld, here.

(Okay, technically these aren't meant to be booklets, as the typefaces in both are almost too small to read when printed like this. But I couldn't resist.)


Trey said...

And both in pink. ;)

Digital Orc said...

Busy day! Looks like that long-arm stapler is working well for you. Neat stuff!

Digital Orc said...

Why is it your Frog God books look formatted so much better than the others?

Tim Snider said...

Hey! I'm flattered! (And I need to get a printed version of the Enc. Critical Opponent booklet myself!)

mwschmeer said...

@Trey: I'll have you know that 13 Flavors is in red!

@DigitalOrc: I don't know. Maybe because the page count is a bit lower. Some of these bastards are large and page creep becomes a problem. I didn't adjust for it in the thicker booklets.

Or the choice of cover color just works better.

Either that, or I got better at using that stapler!