Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updates to The YGDOtNH

The ever creative Chris Creel has fleshed out areas 11 through 16 of Community Project #2: The Young Green Dragon Over the Next Hill.

Areas 18 through 22 and areas 29 through 45 still need some love. Come on by and fill in those blanks!

Once my semester is over and winter breaks begins, I hope to get to my backlog of PDFerizing projects' most notably, the first community project and the first issue of RENT ASUNDER! need to be finished. My goal is to get both of these out before the new year.


Chris Creel said...

I'm looking at 18 - 22 at the moment and may have contents for them tomorrow. Eighteen and 19 just look like halls to me, I'm likely to leave them for the creative eye of another contributor.

I intend to help complete this project but, do not intend to finish it alone.

Chris Creel said...

I intend through in some more contributions to this project too, it's about to be a brand new week!